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Stone Knife.png
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Stone Knife

Main article: Rock

Unlike most stone tools, stone knives have the same durability regardless of the type of stone used to make them. Stone Knives can only be crafted with a stick as the handle.

Knapping out the Knife Blade. Finishing the Knife.
terraRock 01 title= terraRock 01 title= Stone Knife Blade2
terraRock 01 terraRock 01 title= terraRock 01 terraRock 01
terraRock 01 terraRock 01 title= terraRock 01 terraRock 01
terraRock 01 terraRock 01 title= terraRock 01 terraRock 01
terraRock 01 terraRock 01 title= terraRock 01 terraRock 01
Stone Knife Head Stone Knife
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Metal Knife

Metal Knives can only be made from tool metals. They can be cast in ceramic molds, or worked on a metal anvil.


Main article: Casting

Bismuth Bronze, Black Bronze, Bronze, and Copper Knives can be cast using a Vessel or a Ceramic Mold instead of working on an anvil.

Ceramic Mold
Making the Clay Tool Mold Firing the Mold
CFL CFL CFD CFL CFL title= Clay Mold Knife
Pit Kiln Pit Kiln Ceramic Mold Knife
Pit Kiln
Clay Mold Knife

Place an empty or partially filled Knife mold into the slot to fill it with metal from the vessel. It takes 100 units of metal to completely fill an empty Ceramic Mold. The text in the vessel's GUI will be updated to show the amount of metal remaining in the vessel.

100 Units
Ceramic Mold Knife

Unshaped Ingot

To fill the Knife mold from a ceramic ingot mold, right click the liquid unshaped ingot to open the casting interface:

Unshaped Copper Grid layout Arrow (small).png Ceramic Mold Knife

Put the ceramic Knife mold in the second input slot and wait for the filled mold to finished.

Removing the Blade from the Mold Finishing the Knife
Knife Blade (Copper)
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Ceramic Mold Knife (Copper)
Knife Blade (Copper) Copper Knife
Grid layout Arrow (small).png


Main article: Working

Knife Blades can also be crafted by using ingots on an anvil with a hammer. This is the only option for higher tier metals that cannot be cast. The durability depends both on the metal used and the skill of the smith forging the tool.

Smithing the Knife Blade
Working Rules
Grid Anvil Hit Light.png Grid Anvil Hit Medium.png Grid Anvil Hit Heavy.png Grid Anvil Draw.png Grid Anvil Draw.png
Hit, Last Draw, Second From Last Draw, Third From Last
Grid Anvil Rules Blank.png
Steel Ingot
Knife Blade (Steel)
Grid Anvil Weld.png Grid Anvil Red Rules.png Grid Anvil Green Rules.png
Stone Hammer Grid layout None i (verylong).png
Finishing the Knife
Knife Blade (Steel) Steel Knife
Grid layout Arrow (small).png


Knives can be utilized as a weak melee weapon inflicing piercing damage, though their best use is in a crafting table to remove decay, process cereal crops, cut food into smaller pieces, and scrape sheepskin and soaked hide. Knives are also used to collect straw from tall grass, to create a meal prep area, to shear sheep, and to open the leather working interface.

Decay Removal & Splitting

Stone_Knife Raw Beef
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Raw Beef
Grid layout Shapeless.png

Cereal Grains

Stone_Knife Wheat_(Grain)4
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Grid layout Shapeless.png

Wool from Sheepskin

Small sheepskin will give 1 wool, medium sheepskin will give 2 wool, and large sheepskin will give 3 wool.

Stone Knife Wool
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Raw Hide will drop as well.

Scraped Hide

When a Soaked Hide is placed on a Leather Rack, a knife is used to scrape it and produce a Scraped Hide.


Main article: Achievements
Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Grid Stone Axe Head.png
Paleolithic! Knap a stone tool to enter the Stone Age Definitely a rock
Grid Axe Head (Copper).png
Chalcolithic! Cast something in metal to enter the Copper Age No stone unturned Fill a tool mold in a ceramic vessel filled with liquid metal.


v2 Build 40Added Knives (No use as of yet. Added as a favor.)
v2 Build 46Buffed Knife damage as a weapon. Weaker than an axe but better than fighting bare handed.
v2 Build 47bAdded bowl recipe.
v2 Build 48Added grain processing.
Build 53Added meal prep area.
77.0Added getting straw by breaking tall grass with a knife.
77.13Reverse and double knife recipes added for knapping.
78.0Nerfed stone knife damage. Use javelins instead!
78.8Removed crafting of leather & knife to open leather working interface.


  • If the output slot is shift-clicked while splitting food, it will result in each piece having a weight of half the one before it. For example: Splitting a 160 oz piece of food with shift-click will result in an 80 oz piece, a 40 oz piece, a 20 oz piece, a 10 oz piece, a 5 oz piece, etc.

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