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terrafirmacraft:item.Bismuth Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Tin Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Zinc Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Copper Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Bronze Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Bismuth Bronze Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Black Bronze Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Brass Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Lead Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Gold Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Rose Gold Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Silver Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Sterling Silver Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Platinum Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Wrought Iron Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Nickel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Pig Iron Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.HC Steel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Steel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Weak Steel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.HC Black Steel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Black Steel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Weak Blue Steel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.HC Blue Steel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Blue Steel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Weak Red Steel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.HC Red Steel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Red Steel Ingot
terrafirmacraft:item.Unknown Ingot


Ingots are created by placing an unshaped ingot in a crafting grid to remove the ingot from the mold. The empty mold will be returned to the inventory; although there is a chance of it breaking and being lost.

Creating an ingot will only work if the metal is in a solid state. The temperature will be carried over from the unshaped ingot temperature.

Steel Ingot
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Unshaped Steel


Ingots are the starting material for all smithing. Ingots are heated in a forge and then worked in an anvil to make weapons, tools, trap doors and armor. Two ingots can also be welded together to create double ingots.

Ingots can also be crafted with a ceramic mold to create an unshaped ingot.

Ceramic Mold Unshaped Steel
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Steel Ingot
Grid layout Shapeless.png


Input Work Type Output
Grid Steel Ingot.png Ingot Plan Selector Grid Axe Head (Steel).png Axe Head Grid Chisel Head (Steel).png Chisel Head Grid Hammer Head (Steel).png Hammer Head Grid Hoe Head (Steel).png Hoe Head Grid Javelin Head (Steel).png Javelin Head Grid Knife Blade (Steel).png Knife Blade

Grid Pick Head (Steel).png Pickaxe Head Grid ProPick Head (Steel).png Prospector's Pick Head Grid Saw Blade (Steel).png Saw Blade Grid Shovel Head (Steel).png Shovel Head Grid Scythe Blade (Steel).png Scythe Blade

Grid Copper Ingot.png Ingot Grid Copper Sheet.png Sheet Plan Selector Grid Metal Trapdoor.png Trap Doors
Grid Bismuth Bronze Ingot.pngGrid Bismuth Bronze Ingot.png 2 Ingots Grid Flux.png Flux Weld Grid Bismuth Bronze Ingot 2x.png Double Ingot


Heated ingots can be quickly cooled off by placing them in a Barrel or Large Ceramic Vessel full of fresh water.

Ingot Piles

The majority of ingots are stored in ingot piles. The exceptions are high carbon, weak, and unknown ingots, which are stored in a chest. Each pile can store up to 64 ingots of a single metal. Ingots can only be stored in an ingot pile if they are completely cooled, and have not been worked on an anvil. Ingots that have been worked on an anvil will have a message in the tooltip that is visible while hovering over the item in an inventory. Ingots that have been worked must be re-melted and removed from the mold before being able to be placed in a pile.

To create an ingot pile, sneak (Default: ⇧ Shift) and right click with an ingot on a solid block, or a full ingot pile. To add more ingots to the pile, sneak and right click while holding an ingot of the same metal. To remove an ingot from the pile, simply right click on the pile. If an ingot pile is taller than one block (more than 64 ingots), and is composed entirely of one metal type, right clicking on the middle or bottom of the pile will remove an ingot from the very top of the pile. If an ingot pile of a different metal is placed on top of a full ingot pile, removing an ingot from the bottom pile will cause the top pile to collapse, dropping all of the ingots on the ground.


76Ingots can be placed into the world to create an ingot pile.
Ingots can't be stored in chests.
76 Hotfix 4Ingots with temperature or that have been worked cannot be placed.
76 Hotifx 8Hot ingots can be placed in a barrel full of water to cool it down.
77.0Ingots are removed from a mold by placing it in the crafting grid.
77.22Ingots cannot be stored in vessels.
Ingots act like log piles in that they must be placed on top of solid blocks, or a full ingot pile.
Removing an ingot from the middle or bottom of a multi-block pile results in all ingots above it to merge down. If a different type of metal is on top, it will break and drop the ingots.
78.0Ingot cooling in a barrel uses less water
Ingots cool at the same rate regardless of what inventory they are in.
78.9Ingots have tooltips for workable, weldable and in danger of melting states.
79.0Added metal trapdoors which are made by combining any metal sheet with any metal ingot.
79.6Ingots cannot be stored in the solid storage of barrels and large ceramic vessels.


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