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The core of the Bloomery is the Bloomery Block, which is crafted from eight double bronze sheets, using the following recipe:

Bronze Sheet 2x Bronze Sheet 2x Bronze Sheet 2x Grid layout Arrow (small).png Bloomery
Bronze Sheet 2x Bronze Sheet 2x
Bronze Sheet 2x Bronze Sheet 2x Bronze Sheet 2x

Any of the bronzes may be used - Bronze, Bismuth Bronze or Black Bronze - but all the double sheets must be of the same type. No mixing is allowed.


The Bloomery is a structure used to perform the first step of the process of refining the various iron ores into Wrought Iron. Iron ore and charcoal are heated to high temperatures inside the Bloomery, resulting in a spongy mass of iron and slag, called a Bloom, which can subsequently be worked on an anvil to remove the slag, producing Wrought Iron.

Bloomery Structure

The structure of the Bloomery consists of the Bloomery Block with a block of stone underneath it, above it, and to the left and right of it. The block immediately behind the Bloomery Block should be empty space, with stone underneath it and stone on its remaining three sides. The block immediately above that should also be empty and surrounded on all four sides by stone. Basically it's a two-block high stone chimney connected to the back of the Bloomery Block.

The first two images below shows a completed minimum-size bloomery. The third shows the same Bloomery, but with its side blocks removed so that the internal structure is revealed.

Any style of stone except cobblestone may be used: raw, smooth, or bricks. It is also possible to mix styles of stone and even the types of rock if desired (e.g. smooth basalt and granite bricks).


The Bloomery can be expanded to process up to three times as much ore by adding another two layers of brick rings to the top. For each layer added to the bloomery, 8 additional pieces of ore can be smelted.

Smelting Ore

Main article: Bloom

Note: The Bloomery can only be used to smelt Iron Ores. If you wish to smelt large quantities of other ores, you will need to use a Crucible.

Iron Ore
Grid Hematite.png Hematite Grid Limonite.png Limonite Grid Magnetite.png Magnetite
  • Open the bloomery hatch and place (right-click while sneaking) eight Charcoal in the bottom of the chimney.
  • Climb to the top of the Bloomery and drop (Default: Q) up to 24 iron-bearing ore (depending on the size of the bloomery) into the chimney.
  • Drop an equal amount or more charcoal on top of the charcoal block. Both the ore and the charcoal items should disappear into the charcoal block.
  • After the first 8 pieces of ore have been added, an unlit molten mixture block will appear. It should look something like this:
Empty Bloomery Charcoal Block Inactive Bloomery Active Bloomery
Top View Bloomerytopinactive.png Bloomerytopcharcoal.png Bloomerytopfull.png Bloomerytopactive.png

Note: If the player drops more ore than the Bloomery can hold, the extra ore will just float on top of the charcoal and not be smelted by the Bloomery.

  • Climb back down and right-click on the Bloomery Block with a Firestarter or a Flint & Steel to activate the Bloomery. The front of the Bloomery Block and the top of the chimney should both start to glow.
  • The glow will disappear when the Bloomery is done, a process that will take roughly 15 in-game hours. Open the bloomery hatch for access to the bloom.
  • Use a pickaxe to break the Bloom free. The item will automatically move towards the nearest bloomery hatch for easy retrieval.
    • IMPORTANT: If the player is unable to reach the bloom to pick it up, they should first try placing a new layer of charcoal in the bloomery, which will often move the bloom closer. If this is unsuccessful, break the Bloomery Block, and then the brick block above it to get inside. Breaking any blocks of the chimney before the bloomery block has been removed will result in the bloomery block popping off as an item in a random direction that can despawn if not retrieved.


Main article: Achievements
Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites
Grid Raw Iron Bloom.png
The Iron Age Mine an iron bloom to enter the Iron Age The Bronze Age


v1Added the Bloomery which is used for smelting ores that require high temperatures.
v2 Build 15Removed height based temperature effect from the bloomery.
v2 Build 37Bloomeries get a negative temperature modifier when built below 128. This modifier gets larger the deeper you go.
v2 Build 46Bloomeries use up charcoal at the same rate as the ore smelts.
Build 67Changed bloomery gui to get rid of the controversial numbers.
77.0New animated textures for the bloomery.
Bloomery can only process iron ores.
77.10Bloomery requires that an equal or greater amount of charcoal than ore be thrown into the stack before it can be lit.
77.20Bloomery can now be built twice as tall and handle twice as much iron ore.
78.0Bloomery block changed to a hatch for easy charcoal placing and bloom breaking.
78.16Bloomery requires one ore to be lit.


  • A fence post placed directly above the bloomery chimney leaves enough of a gap to throw the ore and charcoal down, but won't allow players to fall in.
    • Alternatively, plank items or chiseled blocks can be used as well.


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