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Anvil (Copper).png
Anvil (Copper)Anvil (Bronze)Anvil (Bismuth Bronze)Anvil (Black Bronze)Anvil (Rose Gold)Anvil (Wrought Iron)Anvil (Steel)Anvil (Black Steel)Anvil (Blue Steel)Anvil (Red Steel)



Grid Steel Pickaxe.png













Stone anvils are created by right-clicking with a Hammer on the top of a Raw Igneous¹ Stone block, distinguishable by its decreased height. Right click the anvil to open the GUI and place the hammer inside to keep the anvil from turning back into a regular stone block.

¹Igneous Stone
Igneous Intrusive Grid Diorite.png Diorite Grid Gabbro.png Gabbro Grid Granite.png Granite
Igneous Extrusive Grid Andesite.png Andesite Grid Basalt.png Basalt Grid Dacite.png Dacite Grid Rhyolite.png Rhyolite


Metal Anvils are crafted with Double Ingots.

Copper Double Ingot Copper Double Ingot Copper Double Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Anvil (Copper)
Copper Double Ingot
Copper Double Ingot Copper Double Ingot Copper Double Ingot


Anvils are the crafting interface for nearly all advanced tools and armors.

Input Work Type Output
Grid Steel Ingot.png Ingot Plan selector Grid Axe Head (Steel).png Axe Head Grid Chisel Head (Steel).png Chisel Head Grid Hammer Head (Steel).png Hammer Head Grid Hoe Head (Steel).png Hoe Head Grid Javelin Head (Steel).png Javelin Head Grid Knife Blade (Steel).png Knife Blade Grid Pick Head (Steel).png Pickaxe Head Grid ProPick Head (Steel).png Prospector's Pick Head Grid Saw Blade (Steel).png Saw Blade Grid Shovel Head (Steel).png Shovel Head Grid Scythe Blade (Steel).png Scythe Blade
Grid Copper Ingot.png 2 Ingots + Flux Weld Grid Copper Double Ingot.png Double Ingot
Grid Bronze Double Ingot.png Double Ingot Plan selector Grid Mace Head (Bronze).png Mace Head Grid Sword Blade (Bronze).png Sword Blade Grid Bronze Sheet.png Sheet
Grid Bismuth Bronze Sheet.png Sheet Armor Process¹ Grid Bismuth Bronze Helmet.png Helmet Grid Bismuth Bronze Boots.png Boots
Grid Blue Steel Sheet.png Sheet Hammer² Grid Blue Steel Bucket.png Blue Steel Bucket Grid Red Steel Bucket.png Red Steel Bucket
Grid Black Bronze Sheet.png 2 Sheets + Flux Weld Grid Black Bronze Sheet 2x.png Metal Double Sheet
Grid Black Steel Sheet 2x.png Metal Double Sheet Armor Process¹ Grid Black Steel Chestplate.png Chestplate Grid Black Steel Greaves.png Greaves
Grid Wrought Iron Sheet 2x.png Metal Double Sheet Plan selector Grid Wrought Iron Tuyere.png Tuyere



There are a number of different anvils, divided into tiers. Each tier is able to work more difficult metals than the previous tiers. Anvils can weld ingots one tier higher together into double ingots. All other smithing must be done on an anvil of equal or higher tier.

For Example: Stone anvils can only weld Copper Ingots. Copper anvils can weld Bronze Ingots and work Copper Ingots.

Tier Anvil Weld Ingots Work Metal
Tier 0 Grid Basalt.png Stone Tier 0 - 1 None
Tier 1 Grid Anvil (Copper).png Copper Tier 0 - 2 Tier 1
Tier 2 Grid Anvil (Bronze).png Bronze Tier 0 - 3 Tier 1 - 2
Grid Anvil (Bismuth Bronze).png Bismuth Bronze Tier 0 - 3 Tier 1 - 2
Grid Anvil (Black Bronze).png Black Bronze Tier 0 - 3 Tier 1 - 2
Grid Anvil (Rose Gold).png Rose Gold Tier 0 - 3 Tier 1 - 2
Tier 3 Grid Anvil (Wrought Iron).png Wrought Iron Tier 0 - 4 Tier 1 - 3
Tier 4 Grid Anvil (Steel).png Steel Tier 0 - 5 Tier 1 - 4
Tier 5 Grid Anvil (Black Steel).png Black Steel Tier 0 - 6 Tier 1 - 5
Tier 6 Grid Anvil (Blue Steel).png Blue Steel Tier 0 - 6 Tier 1 - 6
Grid Anvil (Red Steel).png Red Steel Tier 0 - 6 Tier 1 - 6

Anvil GUI

  1. Working Slot - Input slot for workable items, including Ingots, Double Ingots, Metal Sheets, Metal Double Sheets and unfinished pieces of Armor.
  2. Unused Slot - Slot currently has no purpose. Will eventually be used as a secondary working slot to work two items at once together.
  3. Plan Selector - Button for selecting what item is to be made.
  4. Hammer Slot - Input slot for Hammer, required for all smithing.
  5. Flux Slot - Input slot for Flux, required for all welding.
  6. Welding Area - 2 Input slots for weldable Ingots, Metal Sheets, and unfinished pieces of Armor. Outputs to 3rd slot.
    • "Weld" button: When you have two weldable items at the appropriate temperature, and flux in slot 5, press this button to weld the two items together.
  7. Rules: When working an item, three rules will appear at the top. To complete an item, you much meet all three requirements (they will turn green as you meet them).
  8. Progress Bar - Indicates the current state of a workable item and the goal it needs to reach to completed. (further explanation below in working)
  9. Red Techniques - These move the arrow to the left (further explanation below in working)
  10. Green Techniques - These move the arrow to the right (further explanation below in working)
  11. Skills - Shows your current skill level.


Smithing metal items, or working them, is a difficult process in TerraFirmaCraft. Before beginning, make sure your basic requirements are met. For basic working, you will need:

Once you are ready with your heated metal item, place it in slot 1 and select what you want to make using button 3.

Plan Selector


After placing a metal item in slot 1 and pressing button 3, an interface will appear showing all possible anvil recipes for that item. Note: If the metal item is too high of a tier for the anvil to work, no options will appear. Remember that a metal item can only be worked on an anvil of the same or higher tier.

After selecting a plan, an image of the planned item will appear on button 3 and the red arrow in the progress bar will move to a new location on the progress bar. We must use the red and green techniques (9 & 10) to move the green arrow so that it lines up again with the red arrow.


Hit, Light Anvil Red Rules.png Hit, Medium Punch Anvil Green Rules.png Bend
Hit, Heavy Draw Upset Shrink

Each red technique moves the green arrow further to the left. Each green technique moves the green arrow further to the right. The severity of the movement increases as you use stronger techniques, increasing from left to right, top to bottom for each of the two colors.

Important - You cannot move the red arrow, only the green one. If you move the green arrow beyond the boundaries of the progress bar, you will have overworked your metal, and the ingot or unshaped metal will be lost.


Unfortunately, simply lining up the arrows is not enough, you must also meet the rules. The rules will dictate what the final three techniques must be to finish the time. For instance, to make a metal sheet from a double ingot, the rules dictate the final three techniques must all be "Hit". "Hit" is a red technique, and moves the green arrow to the left, thus you must move the green arrow to the right beyond the red arrow so that the three hits will line up the arrows properly. Note: Any of the three Hits (Light, Medium Heavy) will satisfy the "Hit" rule.

Each technique used adds an icon to the rules row, feeding in from the left to the right. The most recent technique being the icon on the farthest left. The horizontal lines beneath the required rules show when those rules should be used.

Looking at the example shown in the anvil GUI picture above we see that the required rules for finishing the tool is:

  1. Punch, Last
  2. Bend, Not Last
  3. Draw, Not Last

The order in which you bend or draw can be switched, but the punch must be last.


To weld two items together, they must both be heated above workable temperature (just a bit below melting temp). You must also have flux in slot 5, and a hammer in slot 4. To weld the two items, place them in the input slots of area 6 and press the "Weld" button. If all requirements have been met, your welded item will appear in the output slot of area 6.


Option Default
anvilrulecolor0 Border colour of the leftmost rule in the anvil GUI.
Blue 36
Blue component of color. Ranges from 0 to 255.
Green 28
Green component of color. Ranges from 0 to 255.
Red 37
Red component of color. Ranges from 0 to 255.
anvilrulecolor1 Border colour of the middle rule in the anvil GUI.
Blue 34
Blue component of color. Ranges from 0 to 255.
Green 101
Green component of color. Ranges from 0 to 255.
Red 242
Red component of color. Ranges from 0 to 255.
anvilrulecolor2 Border colour of the rightmost rule in the anvil GUI.
Blue 49
Blue component of color. Ranges from 0 to 255.
Green 148
Green component of color. Ranges from 0 to 255.
Red 247
Red component of color. Ranges from 0 to 255.


Main article: Achievements
Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Grid Stone Hammer.png
Hammer Time Make a stone anvil Paleolithic! Right click with a hammer on top of a raw igneous stone block.
Grid Anvil (Bronze).png
The Bronze Age Craft a bronze anvil to enter the Bronze age Chalcolithic! Pull a bronze anvil out of the output slot of a crafting grid.


v1Added all anvil recipes.
v1f Hotfix 1Clarified the rules text on the anvil when it says Hammer. Now reads Hit.
v2 Build 3Added three new tier 2 anvils to provide alternate routes past Bronze. (Bismuth Bronze, Black Bronze, Rose Gold)
v2 Build 13Implemented a range that is needed to be reached in order complete a crafting recipe. The farther from the center, the more of a durability loss that the resulting item will receive.
To compensate for how easy this makes smithing, all recipes are random.
v2 Build 27Modified how a few Anvil Rules are worded in order to clarify them. May stretch off screen slightly in lower resolutions.
v2 Build 40Added new sound effects for working on an anvil.
v2 Build 47Changed creation of stone anvils to right clicking on the top of a raw stone block with a hammer. Turns raw stone into a temporary stone anvil as long as the GUI is open.
v2 Build 47cRemoved crafting recipe for stone anvils.
v2 Build 49Stone anvils are now semi permanent. As long as a hammer is in the hammer slot when the gui is closed, it will stay an anvil, otherwise it will revert to the stone type it was before.
Stone anvil creation is no longer tied to the dominate rock layer but the Igneous Intrusive/Extrusive restriction is back in effect.
Stone anvils render the hammer icon on the surface.
v2 Build 52dAnvils are considered Huge/Heavy.
Build 72Added anvil recipes for non tool-metal sheets and weld recipes for 2x sheets (Brass, Gold, Lead, Nickel, Pig Iron, Platinum, Silver, Sterling Silver).
Build 76Anvils render as blocks in your inventory instead of 2D textures.
77.0Implemented new Anvil GUI.
77.10Anvils can be melted in a crucible
Flux slot accepts a full stack of 64.
77.11Volume of working sound effect lowered.
Removed all LASTTHREE rules.
78.0Anvils render the item in the working slot on top in addition to the hammer.
Removed plans slots from GUI and added plan selector button and skills display.
Replaced +/- 5 red arrow range with a single arrow. All smithing must now land exactly on the center of the arrow.
Added smithing skill gains from using the anvil.


  • The position of the red arrow on the progress bar for each tool recipe is dependent on the world seed. Because of this, a combination of techniques to make a perfect tool in one world, will not work in another world of a different seed.


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