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Protection Meter
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Protection Meter



Yes, 0 to 8


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Yes, 32






Very Small




The protection meter is crafted with six Smooth Stone, two glass, and a single Chipped Gem.

Smooth (Chalk) Smooth (Chert) Smooth (Claystone) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Protection Meter
Glass Chipped Agate Glass
Smooth (Conglomerate) Smooth (Dolomite) Smooth (Limestone)


The protection meter block shows the amount of accumulated spawn protection in the specific chunk where it is placed, going from red to green to indicate the maximum amount of accumulated protection time. The block will also emit light as the meter increases, increasing from a light level of 0 for no protection, to 8 for max.

Spawn Protection

Spawn Protection prevents hostile mobs from spawning in an area.


For every in-game hour that a player spends in a single chunk, each chunk located in a 5x5 chunk area centered on the chunk containing a player will increase its protection timer by the amount set in the configs (default: 8 Hours). If the player leaves a chunk before spending an in-game hour in it, no protection is accumulated. When a chunk is originally generated, the timer is set to a configurable buffer (default: 24 hours), meaning that the player must obtain at least a day's worth of spawn protection before the timer will have any effect on mob spawning. For Example: If a player stands in a newly generated chunk for 5 in-game hours with default config settings, each chunk in the 5x5 chunk area centered on the player's chunk will have a spawn protection timer of 16 in-game hours. This means that no hostile mobs will spawn in that area for at least 16 hours in-game.


At the start of every in-game hour, if a chunk is outside of the 5x5 chunk area around the player, its spawn protection timer will decrease for each hour that passes. The timer will decrease to a minimum of the configurable buffer before stopping. For Example: If the player in the above example moves one chunk to the right, the 5 chunks on the far left of the old 5x5 chunk area are no longer within the new 5x5 chunk area, and their spawn protection timers will start decreasing.


The protection meter is simply a way of knowing how much protection is in the chunk it is placed; it does not affect gain or loss of the protection. Each bar on the protection meter represents 48 hours of protection in the chunk, with a full green meter representing 16 days of protection or more. For Example: If a protection meter placed in a chunk shows 2 bars (dark red), that chunk must be outside the 5x5 chunk area around a player for at least 4 in-game days before any mobs will spawn in the chunk.

Unloading Chunks

Every chunk in a world is able to save a time-stamp of the last time that it was visited by a player. This means that even if a chunk is unloaded from memory, the timer will properly update with the amount of time that has passed once the chunk has been loaded again by a player. However, it is possible that the protection meter will not properly update in reloaded chunks, so it should be broken and placed back down again to confirm the reading.


Main article: Configuration
Option Default
protection Options affecting spawn protection.
maxProtectionMonths 10
The maximum number of months of spawn protection that can accumulate.
protectionBuffer 24
The minimum number of hours of protection that must be accumulated in a chunk in order to bypass the buffer and prevent hostile mob spawning.
protectionGain 8
The number of hours of spawn protection added to a 5x5 chunk for each hour that a player spends in it.


v2 Build 52Added spawn protection.
Build 53Added protection meter.
0.77.5Spawn protection radius increased to a 5x5 chunk area centered on the player.
0.79.9Added config for protection buffer.

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