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Yes, 64








Flux is obtained by crushing Borax or Fluxstone with a Hammer.

Borax Fluxstone
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Stone Hammer Borax
Grid layout Shapeless.png
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Stone Hammer Rock (Chalk)
Grid layout Shapeless.png
Grid Rock (Chalk).png Grid Rock (Dolomite).png Grid Rock (Limestone).png Grid Rock (Marble).png
Chalk Dolomite Limestone Marble



Flux is required in the anvil in order to weld Ingots into Double Ingots, Metal Sheets into Metal Double Sheets and for moving from Stage 1 to Stage 2 in the smithing of Armor.


Flux is used to create limewater by placing 2 pieces of flux for each bucket of fresh water in a barrel or large vessel.

Fresh WaterGauge.png 1,000 mB LimewaterGauge.png
Flux2 Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Instant (No Seal)

Blast Furnace

In order to process iron ore, the blast furnace requires an equal amount of flux for each individual ore piece to be thrown in at the same time.


v1hLimestone, dolomite, chalk and marble can be turned into flux. Recipe is hammer + cobble
v2 Build 7Flux will now be used when welding
v2 Build 15Fluxes should again use the correct rock types
v2 Build 17Borax can now be used as a flux. It yields 6 flux.
v2 Build 26Flux can now be processed from borax using a Stone Hammer, however the hammer will be lost in the process
77.6The Blast furnace now properly only accepts ore at a 1:1 ratio with flux. It will no longer suck up any ore unless there is flux present as well.
77.10Should be possible to place a stack of flux in an anvil now.
78.0Fixed shift clicking of flux into an anvil to do the whole stack instead of just one.

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