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Yes, 64








Mortar is created by sealing Sand in a Limewater Barrel or Limewater Large Vessel for 8 in-game hours. Each block of sand requires a minimum of 100mB of limewater, and will result in 16 pieces of mortar. Note: If more than 4 blocks of sand are sealed in the limewater at once, the barrel/large vessel will store the extra mortar in the solid storage slots, automatically moving the extra mortar to the input slot when the 64 mortar in the input slot is removed.

LimewaterGauge.png 100 mB
Sand Grid layout Arrow (small).png Mortar16
8 hours


Mortar is used in the crafting of stone brick blocks, fire brick blocks, and stone brick walls.

Stone Bricks Fire Bricks Brick Wall
Granite Brick Mortar Granite Brick Grid layout Arrow (small).png Brick (Granite)4
Mortar Granite Brick Mortar
Granite Brick Mortar Granite Brick
Fire Brick Mortar Fire Brick Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fire Brick Block2
Mortar Fire Brick Mortar
Fire Brick Mortar Fire Brick
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Brick Wall (Granite)3
Granite Brick Mortar Granite Brick
Mortar Granite Brick Mortar


Build 76Added mortar.
78.16Crafting recipes for mortar are shapeless.
79.0Mortar is only crafted in a barrel. Ratio is 1 Sand to each bucket of limewater gives 1 mortar. Must be sealed for at least 8 hours to complete.
79.3Mortar ratio changed to give 16 mortar per sand block and 100 mB of limewater.


  • A full limewater barrel can create a total of 1,600 mortar, using 100 blocks of sand.
  • A full limewater large vessel can create a total of 800 mortar, using 50 blocks of sand.

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