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Blooms are a porous mass of iron and slag resulting from the smelting of Iron Ore in a Bloomery.

Iron Ore
Grid Hematite.png Hematite Grid Limonite.png Limonite Grid Magnetite.png Magnetite

The output from a bloomery is a Raw Iron Bloom. The Raw Iron Bloom will have a percentage value of its iron content, where each percent is equal to a single unit of metal (100 units of ore will result in a 100% bloom, enough for a single Wrought Iron ingot). Note: If enough ore wasn't initially added to the bloomery, and it results in a bloom that is less than 100%, it cannot be refined and must instead be thrown back into the bloomery with more ore to make it larger.


WARNING: When bringing a Raw Iron Bloom up to working temperature, be careful not to let it melt or the Bloom will be lost.

Input Work Type Output Notes
Grid Raw Iron Bloom.png Raw Iron Bloom >= 100% Refine Grid Refined Iron Bloom.png Refined Iron Bloom Work on at least a Tier 2 anvil.
  • Raw iron blooms that are less than 100% cannot be refined, and must be thrown back into the bloomery with more ore to create a larger bloom.
Grid Refined Iron Bloom.png Refined Iron Bloom 200% Split Grid Refined Iron Bloom.png Refined Iron Bloom 100% x2 Only needed for blooms over 100%. If starting bloom isn't a multiple of 100%, it will split into as many 100% blooms as possible as well as a single bloom with the remaining %. For example: A 360% bloom will split into 3 100% blooms and a single 60% bloom.
Grid Refined Iron Bloom.png Refined Iron Bloom 100% Hammer Grid Wrought Iron Ingot.png Wrought Iron Ingot
Grid Refined Iron Bloom.png Refined Iron Bloom < 100% Melt Grid Unshaped Wrought Iron.png Unshaped Wrought Iron Melt refined iron bloom into wrought iron in the forge with a ceramic mold in the side slot, or in a crucible.
  • Melting refined iron blooms under 100% in the forge will give partial unshaped ingots, which can be combined if both are at liquid temperature by using the casting interface, or by using a crucible.
  • WARNING: Melting a refined iron bloom over 100% in the forge will result in only 1 unshaped ingot. Any excess metal will be lost.
Legend: Unworkable Workable Liquid Wrought Iron Bloom Lost
Item Min. Anvil Hot Very Hot Faint Red Dark Red Bright Red Orange Yellow Yellow White White Brilliant White
* ** *** **** * ** *** **** * ** *** **** * ** *** **** * ** *** **** * ** *** **** * ** *** **** * ** *** **** * ** *** ****
Raw Iron Bloom
Anvil (Bronze)
Refined Iron Bloom
Anvil (Bronze)

See the Bloomery for more details.

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