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Trees generate naturally in the world as well as grow naturally from saplings. A sapling must be planted for a certain amount of in-game days depending on the type, and have at least a light level of 9 before there is a chance for it to sprout into a tree. Trees are generated in biome-like areas, with each area having two primary trees, and a single secondary tree. Note: It is possible for both primaries and the secondary to all be the same type of tree, resulting in a forest of just that species. What type of trees can spawn in an area depends on the climate.


Tree Temperature Rainfall EVT
Min Max Min Max Min Max
Grid Sapling (Acacia).png Acacia 28 50 500 16000 2 2
Grid Sapling (Ash).png Ash 4 24 250 16000 0.5 2
Grid Sapling (Aspen).png Aspen -5 18 300 1600 0.25 1
Grid Sapling (Birch).png Birch -10 12 200 500 0 1
Grid Sapling (Chestnut).png Chestnut 3 24 250 16000 0 1
Grid Sapling (Douglas Fir).png Douglas Fir 1 14 750 16000 0 1
Grid Sapling (Hickory).png Hickory 4 28 250 16000 0 1
Grid Sapling (Kapok).png Kapok 30 50 2000 16000 0 1
Grid Sapling (Maple).png Maple 3 20 250 16000 0 1
Grid Sapling (Oak).png Oak 5 25 500 1200 0.25 2
Grid Sapling (Pine).png Pine -15 24 250 16000 0.5 2
Grid Sapling (Sequoia).png Sequoia 10 16 4000 16000 0 0.5
Grid Sapling (Spruce).png Spruce -5 24 250 16000 0 1
Grid Sapling (Sycamore).png Sycamore 6 30 400 16000 0 1
Grid Sapling (White Cedar).png White Cedar -5 24 250 16000 0 2
Grid Sapling (White Elm).png White Elm 4 30 400 16000 0 1
Grid Sapling (Willow).png Willow 10 30 4000 16000 0 0.5



Trees require the use of an axe to cut down. Chop the bottom-most log to fell the entire tree. If the axe does not have enough durability to fell the entire tree, as many logs as possible starting from the top of the tree will be chopped and the axe will break. Leaves disappear without dropping anything. Using a stone axe yields fewer logs than using a metal axe.

Sticks & Saplings

In order to get sticks and saplings from leaves, they must be destroyed before cutting the tree down. Using a scythe makes stick gathering more efficient by destroying a 3x3x3 area of leaf blocks at once, centered at the broken block. Using the Scythe decreases the drop rate of sticks and saplings from 6% to 4%. Breaking leaf blocks is one of two ways to obtain sticks from trees, the other being hitting placed or natural logs with any hammer to make it drop 1-3 sticks.


Different trees have different properties, summarized by the following table. Some trees may be more desirable for specific purposes than others. For example, Douglas Fir trees are relatively large and fast growing, making them an excellent choice to farm for making charcoal.

Tree Growth Speed Burn Length Burn Temperature
Grid Wood (Acacia).png Acacia N/A¹ Shortest Dark Red**
Grid Wood (Ash).png Ash 7 to 8 Days Shorter Dark Red***
Grid Wood (Aspen).png Aspen 8 to 9 Days Shortest Dark Red*
Grid Wood (Birch).png Birch 7 to 8 Days Long Dark Red**
Grid Wood (Chestnut).png Chestnut 7 to 8 Days Short Dark Red**
Grid Wood (Douglas Fir).png Douglas Fir 7 to 8 Days Short Dark Red****
Grid Wood (Hickory).png Hickory 10 to 11 Days Longer Bright Red
Grid Wood (Kapok).png Kapok N/A¹ Shortest Dark Red**
Grid Wood (Maple).png Maple 7 to 8 Days Longer Bright Red
Grid Wood (Oak).png Oak 10 to 11 Days Longest Dark Red****
Grid Wood (Pine).png Pine 7 to 8 Days Shorter Dark Red*
Grid Wood (Sequoia).png Sequoia 11 to 12 Days Long Dark Red*
Grid Wood (Spruce).png Spruce 7 to 8 Days Short Dark Red
Grid Wood (Sycamore).png Sycamore 8 to 9 Days Long Dark Red**
Grid Wood (White Cedar).png White Cedar 7 to 8 Days Short Dark Red*
Grid Wood (White Elm).png White Elm 10 to 11 Days Long Dark Red**
Grid Wood (Willow).png Willow 11 to 12 Days Shortest Dark Red

¹There is currently no way to obtain Acacia or Kapok saplings other than cheating them in.


v1gNo longer possible to karate chop trees with your bare hands!
v2 Build 30Hill biomes generate with trees.
v2 Build 37Explosions should (most of the time) fell a tree as if you used an axe.
v2 Build 40Douglas Fir have their own unique tree shape.
Build 58Chopping down trees uses up 1 durability per log contained in the tree.
Build 65Trees take a minimum of 7 in game days to grow from a sapling.
Jungles have been moved closer to the equator with the temperature ranges of other trees increased by almost double.
Saplings track when they were planted and they grow at varying speeds based upon the tree.
Build 70Attempting to chop down a tree with an axe that doesn’t have enough health left for each and every block in the tree will cause only part of the tree to be chopped down.
Saws may not be used for felling trees.
Using a stone axe to chop trees results in a 10% chance for a block to not yield a log.
78.0Leaves will only appear dead when the temperature is < 10 or rainfall is < 100 and the tree isn't evergreen.
Added Acacia Trees.
78.6Tightened spawn parameters for Douglas Fir and Sequoia trees, making them a bit less common.
78.10Tweaked the spawn parameters of a few tree types to be less generic.


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