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Torches are made by lighting sticks in a firepit or a forge. Sticks do not have the standard heat values, and instead display "Catching Fire" and "Lit" before turning into torches.

Grid layout None (small).png FirePit Temp.png
Grid layout None d (small).png
FirePit Arrows.png
Grid layout None d (small).png
Grid layout None d (small).png

Alternatively, torches can be made by using a stick to Rmb.png Right Click on a placed, lit torch. This method only produces one torch per stick, but can very quickly convert an entire stack of sticks into torches.


Torches can be placed on the solid sides of most blocks, as well as on top of fences and stone walls. Unlike in vanilla, gravity affected blocks like dirt, cobblestone, sand and gravel cannot be supported by torches, and will fall and replace any torches that are directly underneath them.


Lit torches give off a light level of 14. After a configurable amount of time (Default: 48 hours), or if directly exposed to precipitation, lit torches will burn out and no longer produce light. Torches can also be manually extinguished with a Rmb.png Right Click from an empty hand.


Torches in the inventory can be used to Rmb.png Right Click on placed torches to either relight burned out torches, or restart the countdown timer on lit torches.


Torches that have been dropped on the ground will light a pit kiln or log pile on fire. Flying ember particles will appear for a short period of time before the fire block appears. This is a crucial step in the production of charcoal.


Main article: Configuration
Option Default
torchBurnTime 48
How many in-game hours torches will last before burning out. Set to 0 for infinitely burning torches.


v1gAdded new wording for temperature readings when lighting torches.
v2 Build 12Removed vanilla torch recipe.
77.22Torches can be placed on the fully solid sides of partial blocks.
78.0Torches are replaced by any blocks falling on them. Stops torch mining for gathering dirt, cobblestone, etc.
Torches can be placed on top of stone walls.
79.0Charcoal pits are lit by dropping a torch on the log piles.
Torches burn out after roughly 48 in game hours. (Configurable)
Torches can easily be relit by right clicking them with a torch in hand.
Torches can be created by right clicking on a placed torch with a stick.
79.11Pit kilns can be lit with a dropped torch.
Added ember particles for dropped torches about to light a block on fire.
79.12Lit torches can have their timer reset by right clicking with another torch.
Torches are extinguished when exposed to precipitation.
79.14Torches can be manually extinguished by right clicking with no torch or stick in hand.


  • Unlike in vanilla, torches do not melt nearby snow or ice.
  • Burned out torches drop nothing when broken.


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