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Tool Name Earliest Material
Grid Stone Axe.png Axe
Used for chopping down trees.
Grid Stone Hammer.png Hammer
Basic smiths tool, used with a chisel to preform in-game chiseling and allows for the creation of flux inside a crafting square.
Grid Stone Knife.png Knife
Tool mostly used in agriculture and cuisine, allows for refining harvested cereal crops and creating food-preparation tables. As of Build 77, used to collect straw from tall grass.
Grid Stone Hoe.png Hoe
Tills dirt into soil to allow for crop-planting, also has several modes to allow for analyzing crops and farm-plots.
Grid Stone Shovel.png Shovel
Digging implement, used to terraform general terrain. Used to harvest charcoal from charcoal-pits.
Grid Bronze Chisel.png Chisel
Used to chisel stone and wood, allows for the creation of bricks in a crafting square.
Grid Bronze Prospector's Pick.png Prospector's Pick
Enables the player to search for ores outside their visual range, narrows down the area needed to be mined to find metal-bearing ores.
Grid Bronze Pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Basic tool to break stone and ores down to be collected.
Grid Bronze Saw.png Saw
The advanced wood-workers tool, creates planks from logs and allows for the creation of support-pillars. Can be used to deconstruct wooden blocks in the world, but cannot be used to cut down trees.
Grid Bronze Scythe.png Scythe
Harvests leaves and tall grass in a 3x3 area, and allows for faster harvesting or crops. Cannot be used on multiple harvest crops like tomatoes and bell-peppers.
Grid Spindle.png Spindle
Tool used to spin yarn from raw wool
Weapon Name Earliest Material
Grid Javelin.png Javelin
Basic melee and ranged weapon, is most effective when thrown.
Grid Bow.png Bow
Advanced ranged weapon.
Grid Bronze Mace.png Mace
Advanced melee weapon.
Grid Bronze Sword.png Sword
Advanced melee weapon.

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