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{{:TFCraft:Wiki Edits/VersionUpdate/disclaimer}}
{{:TerraFirmaCraft:Wiki Edits/VersionUpdate/disclaimer}}
If you are creating a new page, please reference the [[MCWiki:Minecraft_Wiki:Style_guide|Style Guide]] for proper layout and grammar.
If you are creating a new page, please reference the [[MCWiki:Minecraft_Wiki:Style_guide|Style Guide]] for proper layout and grammar.

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This page is for testing edits to the wiki for the next version update before release.
As there is no way to make sure the information on this page remains hidden, and because it is based off of the constantly changing, latest development code, information is not guaranteed to be correct, and should not be used for reference.

If you are creating a new page, please reference the Style Guide for proper layout and grammar.

Start of Page

Template: Item, Block, Mob, etc. Ensure section titles have one return space above them, one return space below them, and a space on either side of the title inside the equal signs. {{main}} article templates or any images in that section are placed directly under the section header with the return space below these.


For blocks and items, this section contains information on how to obtain them in Survival mode without cheats. This includes information on blocks and items that generate naturally. If there are multiple ways to obtain the block or item, these should be listed as subsections of this section.


For blocks and items, this section contains information on what can be done with them. This includes using the article subject as a crafting or smelting ingredient, as food, or for trading, or exploiting special properties of a block, like using a button to create a redstone pulse. Like the Obtaining section, this section should be divided into subsections.

Any other sections go here, between Usage and Configuration values.


A brief explanation of the configuration should be placed here before a wiki table containing the configuration data. If the configuration deals with enabling a crafting recipe, include the recipe after the wiki table in a separate template.

{| class="wikitable"
! Option
! Default<br>Value
! Description
| {{TFCOptionVar|Option|Default Value|Description}}


  • Note: Do not make the header a link on new pages. This header has been linked for easy checking of the achievements page due to the main template link being part of the nowiki format.

{| class="wikitable"
! Icon
! Achievement
! In-game description
! Prerequisites
! Actual requirements (if different)
| {{Achievement|Image Name}}
! Achievement Name
| Description
| Prereq
| Actual requirement


History sections should use the {{History}} template.

{{History||version#|history description}}


Known bugs regarding the item/block/mob belong in this section.


Trivia should only be facts and contain no speculation or opinion. Trivia sections should only contain information that does not fit anywhere else in the article. Trivia should not be obvious to players and should be information that readers are not likely to know but would be interested in. History-related trivia should be avoided if possible. E.g. “The original piston texture had an iron band running over the head. This was later removed, only leaving iron brackets around the corners and edges” should be merged into the relevant version information in the History section. Trivia related to game visuals should be avoided as well, especially if the piece of trivia does not hold true for custom resource packs.


File:filename.png|file description
File:anotherfile.jpg|another description

See also

See also sections should only contain links to articles that have not been mentioned anywhere else in the article and are of a relevant topic.

  • After See also (double space) will be any applicable navigation templates, like {{Blocks}}, and then any applicable categories.
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