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To begin crafting the quiver, right click with a piece of leather in hand, and a knife in your hotbar. This will open up an interface similar to that of the knapping interface.

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Quivers are a container with eight slots for carrying arrows and javelins. Bows will automatically pull arrows from an equipped quiver, and thrown javelins will be replaced with any javelins located inside the equipped quiver.

To fill the quiver, right click with the item in hand to open up the GUI, and place the arrows and javelins inside. Alternatively, arrows and javelins that are picked up from the ground will automatically try to go into the slots of an equipped quiver, before going into the Player's standard inventory. Each slot can hold a stack of 16 arrows, or a single javelin.

While the quiver is equipped, a counter HUD is located in the lower left corner of the screen, showing the number of arrows and javelins stored inside. The player can also hover over the quiver with their cursor, and press shift to show an advanced tooltip with a list of the stored items.


To equip the quiver, click and drag the item and place it in the slot located on the shoulder of the player directly to the right of the chest slot. Alternatively, a quiver in the inventory can be shift-clicked and it will attempt to go into the quiver slot first.

While the quiver is equipped, it will render on the back of the player, similar to the rendering of a player wearing armor. The render will show the fletching of up to three arrows, depending on how many arrows are stored inside. A single arrow fletching will appear for every four arrows inside the quiver. If the quiver only contains javelins, the render will appear as an empty quiver on the player's back.

The slot used to equip a quiver. The different back renders of the quiver.


78.0Added Quiver.


  • If a mob such as a zombie picks up a dropped quiver, it will appear to be wearing the quiver on its head.


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