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Lumber (Acacia).png
Lumber (Acacia)Lumber (Ash)Lumber (Aspen)Lumber (Birch)Lumber (Chestnut)Lumber (Douglas Fir)Lumber (Hickory)Lumber (Kapok)Lumber (Maple)Lumber (Oak)Lumber (Pine)Lumber (Sequoia)Lumber (Spruce)Lumber (Sycamore)Lumber (White Cedar)Lumber (White Elm)Lumber (Willow)

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Lumber is crafted with a Log and a Saw.

Copper Saw Lumber (Acacia)8
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Log (Acacia)
Grid layout Shapeless.png

Lumber can also be recovered from their block form using a saw.

Copper Saw Lumber (Acacia)4
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Planks (Acacia)
Grid layout Shapeless.png


Lumber is used to build most wooden items, as opposed to the plank blocks used in vanilla Minecraft.

Wood Specific Crafting

The following recipes must be made with lumber of the same type.

Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Planks (Acacia)
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia)
Armor Stand Barrel Chest
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Armor Stand (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia)
Planks (Acacia) Planks (Acacia) Planks (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Barrel (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Chest (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia)
Door Fence Fence Gate
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Wooden Door (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia)
Log (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Log (Acacia) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fence (Acacia)6
Log (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Log (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Planks (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fence Gate (Acacia)2
Lumber (Acacia) Planks (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia)
Loom Tool Rack
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Loom (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Stick Lumber (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Tool Rack (Acacia)
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia)

Mix & Match Crafting

The following recipes can be made with any combination of wood types.

Bed Bellows Nest Box
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Bed
Wool Cloth Silk Cloth Wool Cloth
Lumber (Maple) Lumber (Oak) Lumber (Pine)
Lumber (Ash) Lumber (Aspen) Lumber (Birch) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Bellows
Leather (TFC) Leather (TFC) Leather (TFC)
Lumber (Chestnut) Lumber (Douglas Fir) Lumber (Hickory)
Straw Straw Grid layout Arrow (small).png Nest Box
Lumber (Sequoia) Straw Lumber (Spruce)
Lumber (Sycamore) Lumber (White Cedar) Lumber (White Elm)
Sign Sluice Trap Door
Lumber (Aspen) Lumber (Birch) Lumber (Chestnut) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Sign
Lumber (Douglas Fir) Lumber (Hickory) Lumber (Kapok)
Stick Grid layout Arrow (small).png Sluice
Stick Lumber (White Cedar)
Stick Lumber (White Elm) Lumber (Willow)
Lumber (Spruce) Lumber (Sycamore) Lumber (White Cedar) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Trap Door
Lumber (White Elm) Lumber (Willow) Lumber (Ash)
Wooden Bucket
Lumber (Ash) Lumber (Aspen) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Wooden Bucket
Lumber (Birch) Lumber (Chestnut)
Lumber (Douglas Fir)


Lumber can be placed in the world by right-clicking a piece of lumber against the face of another block. The face being clicked against is divided up into an 8x8 grid, allowing for the lumber to be placed in any of 64 different positions. Multiple pieces of lumber may be placed into the same block and even at right angles to each other.

If you break one piece of lumber in a given block all of the lumber in that block will be broken and become retrievable items.


v2 Build 47Added plank items.
Axes give 4 planks, saws give 12.
Chest Recipe changed to use the new planks.
v2 Build 47bAdded recipes for doors, trapdoors, and signs using plank items.
v2 Build 51Making planks with Axes yields 3 planks, down from 4.
Making planks with Saws yields 8 planks, down from 12.
Build 70Single planks can be placed on any surface for Wood Construct blocks.
77.0Removed axe recipe for crafting plank items.
78.0Added Acacia planks.
Added nest box recipe.
Added armor stand recipe.
Added fence and fence gate recipe.
Planks can be recovered from their block form.
78.7Temporarily disabled the armor stand recipe.
78.17Removed splitting of plank blocks into plank items by hand, must use a saw.
79.0Plank items renamed to “Lumber” to hopefully reduce confusion between the item and the block.
Chest crafting recipe is wood-specific.


  • Placing too many pieces of lumber within a relatively small area will lag and/or crash clients.


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