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This page contains content about features that are outdated, or have possibly been removed from the game.
These features only exist in older, outdated versions of TFC. This information is to be used at your own risk, as it is possible that is no longer correct in the current latest version of TFC: It is also possible that this page is missing information regarding new mechanics in the current version. For a brief summary of accurate, up-to-date information, please check the Changelog.
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The firepit is one of the earliest blocks used by the player and has some similarities to vanilla's furnace. It is where the player will start off cooking food and creating torches.


A firepit is made by dropping three sticks on the ground (the drop control defaults to Q), then using a firestarter on the block under them until they catch fire. It may take several uses of a firestarter (or even several firestarters) before the firepit lights.

Adding a piece of paper to the sticks will increase the chance of a firepit being formed.

A firepit will not light if it is being rained on.


File:Outdoor protected firepit.jpg
A rain-protected outdoor firepit.

The firepit can be used to:

The player must supply the firepit with logs or peat to keep it lit (coal and charcoal cannot be used in a firepit). Some logs burn hotter and longer than others (see Trees).

For the firepit to reach maximum possible temperature from any fuel, the firepit's area must be free of obstacles in a 3×3×3 area, with the firepit being the central block of the bottom layer. The temperature can be increased by working a bellows facing the fire.

When the firepit runs out of fuel, or rain starts falling on it, it will cool down and go out (remaining fuel will not be consumed if the firepit is extinguished by rain). To relight an extinguished firepit, put wood or peat in the fuel slots and use a firestarter on it. To use a firepit when it rains, place a solid block above it (no stairs, half-slabs, trapdoors or other transparent blocks), ideally above its 3×3×3 area – in other words, the firepit needs to be indoors or covered.

In addition to destroying a firepit directly, destroying the block underneath a firepit will cause a firepit to be destroyed. If a firepit is destroyed, it will drop its contents (fuel and products) but will not drop itself.


To access the firepit's GUI, right-click it with anything except a firestarter. The GUI will appear above the player's inventory.

The firepit GUI

Slots 1 to 4 - Fuel Input
Each fuel input slot holds only one item of peat or logs as fuel for the firepit. Right-clicking on an appropriate fuel in the inventory will transfer a single item to the fuel input slots, or they can be dragged individually.
The bar beside the fuel input slots is the temperature gauge. It is used as an estimate to the current temperature of the fire.
Slot 5 - Ingredient Input
The ingredient slot can hold only one item, and will accept anything which can be cooked or smelted, as well as a stick for making torches. Right-clicking on an appropriate ingredient in the inventory will transfer a single item to the ingredient input slot.
Slots 6 and 7 - Product Output
Each product output slot can hold one type of material and stacks up to the usual stack-limit of that item. Right-clicking a stack in a product output slot will transfer the stack to the inventory.
When smelting ores, a ceramic mold can be dragged to either product output slot to catch the liquid metal. If both slots contain a ceramic mold the firepit will attempt to finish filling a partially-filled mold before starting on the next.

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