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== Obtaining ==
== Obtaining ==
Fences Gates are crafted with 4 [[Plank]]s and 2 [[Planks|Plank Blocks]] from the same type of [[Trees|Tree]].
Fences Gates are crafted with 4 [[Lumber]] and 2 [[Planks|Plank Blocks]] from the same type of [[Trees|Tree]].
{{Grid/Crafting Table
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1= Plank (Oak) |B1= Planks (Oak) |C1= Plank (Oak)
|A1= Lumber (Oak) |B1= Planks (Oak) |C1= Lumber (Oak)
|A2= Plank (Oak) |B2= Planks (Oak) |C2= Plank (Oak)
|A2= Lumber (Oak) |B2= Planks (Oak) |C2= Lumber (Oak)
|Output= Fence Gate (Oak), 2
|Output= Fence Gate (Oak), 2
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File:TwitterFence.png|Sycamore fences and fence gate.
File:TwitterFence.png|Sycamore fences and fence gate.
== See Also ==

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Fence Gate
Fence Gates.gif
Fence Gates Open.gif
Fence Gate (Acacia)Fence Gate (Ash)Fence Gate (Aspen)Fence Gate (Birch)Fence Gate (Chestnut)Fence Gate (Douglas Fir)Fence Gate (Hickory)Fence Gate (Kapok)Fence Gate (Maple)Fence Gate (Oak)Fence Gate (Pine)Fence Gate (Sequoia)Fence Gate (Spruce)Fence Gate (Sycamore)Fence Gate (White Cedar)Fence Gate (White Elm)Fence Gate (Willow)



Grid Steel Axe.png


Yes, 32






Very Small


terrafirmacraft:2114:0 - 2114:15


Fences Gates are crafted with 4 Lumber and 2 Plank Blocks from the same type of Tree.

Lumber (Oak) Planks (Oak) Lumber (Oak) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fence Gate (Oak)2
Lumber (Oak) Planks (Oak) Lumber (Oak)


  • Fence Gates must be placed on a block, but will remain in place if the block is then removed. When placed, fence gates will automatically face towards the player, regardless of any other fences around it. However, any fences adjacent to a fence gate will still connect to it. If placed and not connected to anything else, a fence gate will appear to be floating. Fences and Walls will connect to Fence Gates. Glass Panes will not, but a solid block will butt up against it.
  • There are no double fence gates like double doors, but if you place two fence gates beside each other, they will act like one. Although visually there is a center pole in such a double gate, it does not obstruct the player. Fence gates can also be placed on top of one another by clicking on a block to their side. Such stacked gates open and close individually.
  • Like fences, fence gates count as one and a half blocks tall for the player and mob collisions, and one block tall for all other purposes. This means that when closed, the player cannot jump over a fence gate.
  • A fence gate can be opened both inwards and outwards.
  • Like doors and trapdoors, the fence gate does not allow the passage of water or lava, whether open or closed. Fence gates also share the same open/close sounds as doors and trapdoors.
  • Open fence gates will easily allow boats and minecarts through, but minecarts have to be travelling fast enough to reach the track on the other side of the fence gate, because fence gates cannot be placed on top of minecart tracks.
  • Hostile mobs recognize the fence gate as a block and will not attack you through it unless they have already seen you.
  • Unlike wooden doors, fence gates cannot broken by zombies.


By default, Vanilla Fence Gates cannot be crafted.

Option Default
enableVanillaRecipes false
If true then the vanilla Minecraft recipes for creating the following items are enabled: furnace, sticks, plank block, torch, minecart with chest, bone meal, flowers to dye, fences, fence gates and wooden tools and weapons. In addition, the following recipes are added for converting TFCraft blocks and items to their corresponding vanilla Minecraft blocks and items: cobblestone, leather, stone tools and stone weapons.


78.0Added Custom TFC Fence Gates.
Removed vanilla fence gate crafting recipe by default.


  • When a fence gate is placed on top of another gate, the player can place a painting over the gates while they are open. This creates a hidden door.


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