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Default Key: N

TerraFirmaCraft uses a four level cyclic calendar telling the year, month, day, and day of the week. It also has an hourly clock and season display. This system allows Seasons and seasonal events in the TFCraft world.

The Calendar GUI

Day of the Year

The day of year affect a number of elements in the game world, including:

  1. Season
  2. Trees
  3. Fruit Trees and Berries
  4. Ambient Temperature
  5. Weather

Some of these changes are cosmetic. For example, the leaf blocks on trees change color to reflect the season, but this change has no effect on sapling/stick drop rates. (needs confirmation)

Other changes affect gameplay to a degree. Fruit Trees and Berries only bear fruit at certain times during the year.

Weather appears to be a dynamic product of the day of the year and the ambient temperature. Biome may also be a factor. (needs further data.)

Time of Day

Like Vanilla Minecraft, TFCraft has a day and night cycle. TFCraft uses a 24 hour clock (I.E., Military Time, with the last hour of the day being called "The Witching Hour".

Time of Day affects the ambient light level, making it much harder for hostile mobs to spawn in the day, and much easier at night. Light level also affects the speed at which some plants grow. The time of day also has a dynamic visual affect on the world, independent of the light level. In the morning, grass appears more 'washed out', with slightly muted colors. Towards mid-afternoon, the grass changes to a more vibrant green.

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