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Small Ores and Nuggets

Small ores can be found scattered around on the surface of the ground. These are samples of what ore veins are located within 35 blocks underneath the soil, so they're somewhat important. In the majority of cases, it is a sample of a vein in the top layer of stone. However, in areas where the top layer is thin enough, the vein may be located in the upper section of the middle stone layer. This means that it is possible to find small ore pieces in areas where the top layer of stone is not able to spawn the ore. Note: The maximum distance from the surface to a vein required for a small ore piece to generate is larger than the scanning range of the Prospector's Pick. If using the prospector's pick on the surface in an area where small ore pieces are found, and only negative readings are given, it means that the vein is deeper underground.

Copper, gold, silver, and platinum native nuggets can also be found using a Gold Pan.

Depending on the type of ore, it's smaller counterpart is either called a nugget for native metals, or a small ore for the rest. One small ore/nugget produces 10 metal units.

Poor, Normal, and Rich Ores

Ore veins are completely made up of a single type of ore: poor, normal or rich. When the world generates an ore vein, it has a 20% chance to be rich, a 30% chance to be poor, and a 50% chance to be normal. One poor ore produces 15 metal units, one normal ore produces 25 metal units, and one rich ore produces 35 metal units.

Veins and Clusters

With the exception of Sulfur, which simply spawns around lava pockets, Ores and Minerals generate in two different shapes: veins and clusters.

  • Surface veins are smaller than their lower vein counterparts.
Size: Small Medium Large
Veins Cinnabar, Cryolite, Pitchblende, Platinum Bismuthinite, Cassiterite, Galena, Graphite, Hematite, Kimberlite, Limonite, Magnetite, Saltpeter, Silver, Sphalerite, Sylvite, Tetrahedrite Borax, Garnierite, Gypsum, Jet, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Native Copper, Native Gold
Clusters Kaolinite, Lignite Bituminous Coal

Ore Generation

Ores are natural metal deposits that can be melted in a vessel or crucible into a ceramic mold to produce unshaped metal. Ores spawn in veins.

Ores Bismuthinite Cassiterite Garnierite Hematite Limonite Magnetite Malachite Native Copper Native Gold Native Silver Sphalerite Tetrahedrite
Stone Type
Stone Name Grid Bismuthinite.png Bismuth Grid Cassiterite.png Tin Grid Garnierite.png Nickel Grid Hematite.png Iron Grid Limonite.png Iron Grid Magnetite.png Iron Grid Malachite.png Copper Grid Native Copper.png Copper Grid Native Gold.png Gold Grid Native Silver.png Silver Grid Sphalerite.png Zinc Grid Tetrahedrite.png Copper
Igneous Extrusive
Andesite XS X XS X
Basalt XS X XS X
Dacite XS X XS X
Rhyolite XS X XS X
Igneous Intrusive
Diorite X X
Gabbro X X X
Granite XS X X
(Top & Middle)
Gneiss X XS XS
Marble X XS XS
Phyllite XS XS
Quartzite XS XS
Schist XS XS
Slate XS XS
Chalk XS X X
Chert XS X X
Claystone XS X X
Conglomerate XS X X
Dolomite XS X X
Limestone XS X X X
Rock Salt XS X X
Shale XS X X

S Also spawns as a surface vein in the top half of the top layer of stone.

Main article: Metals

Mineral Generation

Minerals are natural deposits that can be used or crafted into various types of resources. With the exception of Bituminous Coal, Kaolinite and Lignite, which spawn in clusters, Minerals spawn in veins.

Minerals Bituminous Coal Borax Cinnabar Cryolite Graphite Kaolinite Kimberlite Lapis Lazuli Lignite Saltpeter Sulfur Sylvite
Stone Type
Stone Name Grid Bituminous Coal.png Coal Grid Borax.png Flux Grid Cinnabar.png Redstone Grid Cryolite.png Redstone Grid Graphite.png Graphite Powder Grid Kaolinite.png Kaolinite Powder Grid Kimberlite.png Diamonds Grid Lapis Lazuli.png Lapis Dye Grid Lignite.png Coal Grid Saltpeter Powder.png Saltpeter Powder Grid Sulfur Powder.png Sulfur Powder Grid Sylvite.png Fertilizer
Igneous Extrusive
Andesite X XL
Basalt X XL
Dacite X XL
Rhyolite X XL
Igneous Intrusive
Diorite XL
Gabbro X XL
Granite X XL
(Top & Middle)
Gneiss X XL
Marble X X XL
Phyllite XL
Quartzite X X XL
Schist X XL
Slate XL
Chalk X X X X+ XL
Chert X X X X+ XL
Claystone X X X X+ XL
Conglomerate X X X X+ XL
Dolomite X X X X+ XL
Limestone X X X X+ XL
Rock Salt X X X X X+ XL X
Shale X X X X X+ XL

LAround Lava Pockets +Usually spawns with at least one other ore


The following ores and minerals currently have no use in TFC.

Useless Ores/Minerals Galena Native Platinum Gypsum Jet Pitchblende
Stone Type
Stone Name Grid Galena.png Lead Grid Native Platinum.png Platinum Grid Gypsum.png Gypsum Grid Jet.png Jet Grid Pitchblende.png Pitchblende
Igneous Extrusive
Andesite X
Basalt X
Dacite X
Rhyolite X
Igneous Intrusive
Granite X X
(Top & Middle)
Gneiss X
Marble X
Phyllite X
Quartzite X
Schist X
Slate X
Chalk X X X
Chert X X X
Claystone X X X
Conglomerate X X X
Dolomite X X X
Limestone X X X X
Rock Salt X X X
Shale X X X

In addition, these ores and minerals still exist, but do not currently spawn in the world: Microcline, Olivine, Petrified Wood, Satinspar, Selenite, Serpentine


TFCOre.cfg is used to determine the world generation of ores. Other mod ores can be added to this file to have them generate with TFC's terrain.

Option Default
Horizontal Density 60
How dense the ore vein is horizontally, out of 100.
Maximum Height 128
The maximum y-level the vein can spawn at.
Minimum Height 5
The minimum y-level the vein can spawn at.
Vertical Density 80
How dense the ore vein is vertically, out of 100.
baseRocks igneous extrusive
The stone type the ore can spawn in. Can be a category or a specific rock. Entries should be all lowercase, with each new entry on a new line.
oreID 2096
The Block ID of the ore.
oreMeta 7
The metadata (damage value) of the ore.
rarity 100
Veins will spawn in 1 out of X chunks.
size medium
The size of the vein. Choices are large, medium or small.
type veins
The shape of the ore spawn. A type of default will spawn the ore in clusters.


v2 Build 12Reworked ore distribution as ore was not spread out enough.
v2 Build 22Magnetite is a dual metal ore, supplying a very tiny amount of platinum along with the iron.
v2 Build 26Borax has had its spawn rate increased slightly in Rock Salt. It should also occur much more commonly in Gypsum.
v2 Build 30Cassiterite will spawn in all Igneous Extrusive layers.
v2 Build 37Microcline no longer spawns.
Satinspar and Selenite should be much more common within veins of Gypsum.
v2 Build 40Ore should be properly spread out instead of creating mass dead zones.
Ore veins increased massively at great depths but are spread out much farther.
The upper part of the world contains the starter metal ores in smaller veins but more commonly than before.
v2 Build 46d~10% increase to ore spawn rates.
v2 Build 47Changed ore gen code to use a new style of ore gen based on MarcoPolo1613's work.
Ore Veins typically hold less ore than they do before, but due to the style, you'll see a lot more ore around.
Surface Ore - Harvest loose rocks for a chance to find ore.
77.0Removed double metal ore.
Enabled Kaolinite spawning and made Graphite more rare.
Small surface ore spawning change to make copper more prevalent and tin less so.
78.0Changed ore generation to move with the height of the terrain.
Removed layer restriction on ore generation.
Disabled spawning of Olivine, Petrified Wood, Satinspar, Selenite, and Serpentine.
78.4Panning for ores is majorly overhauled.
Loose rocks display an entity laying flat on the ground showing what item they are, including ore.


  • Cave-ins will destroy ore and mineral blocks including their drops.
  • The original ores and minerals added to TFC were based off of Bioxx's love for the game Dwarf Fortress.


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