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Spotter's Guide: S1E8 - Do you Smelt that?

This episode covers from ore to tool so we can build our bloomery. This will open us up to being able to smelt all of the ores in the game and let us progress out of the stone age into bronze, iron and then steel. The sections below cover the topics but this is all entwined a bit. I will put out the video links as best I can still.

Markings video

Combined with paper this is how we make plans for smithing. You can obtain markings by putting the ink dropped by squids into a crafting slot.

Paper video

Combined with Markings on a scribing table, we will make plans for the tin chisel.

Smelting - Firepit video

First thing we want to do is get a bellows to help with the temperature of the file. Check its page to see how they are crafted. Placed aimed at a fire we can then pump the bellows to produce a higher temperature and smelt the ores in question. Properly used a firepit + hickory + bellows can smelt copper containing ores like Tetrahedrite, which also gives us a small amount of silver. So, with everything set up we place our Cassiterite in the heating location on the firepit and wait for it to smelt down into unshapped tin. You will notice that when you do this you only get half a bar. It will take two pieces of ore to smelt down into a single piece of metal. The exception to this is for some of the ores that produce more than one metal, only one of the metals will be half an bar of unshaped tin. This is fairly simple and straight forward eh?

Anvil and Hammer video

This is where we shape unshaped metal into ingots and then ingots into tool components. For now I will just cover crafting this. It takes 7 pieces of igneous rock placed on a crafting table in the shape of a capital I. That is it! Next is a hammer. This is made by a pick axe with two extra pieces of stone on either side of the middle of the handle. We will use these two to shape our ingot form the unformed tin!

Forging video video

This is where a lot of magic happens. There is a lot to this part so I actually ask that you watch the video for this part. It explains all about temperature, the buttons, getting that arrows to match up and which box is for flux and which is for your hammer.

Scribing table and Plans video

So now we need plans to make the chisel and the way we do that is on a scribing table. A scribing table is made by a boat pattern of wood, then a piece of paper in the middle of it and a feather on top of that. When we have the table we use it, a piece of paper and the markings to make a chisel plan. A chisel plan is a simple line of markings from top to bottom. Using the plans to shape tool and weapon heads gives us a better usage of our resources. This translates from a single ingot to the goal item instead of needing 3 ingots for a pick for example.

To get a Bloomery video

Now that we have a chisel we use it to create bricks. With these bricks we put together the 3x3 base of bricks then the 3x3 hollow 'chimney' that forms the bloomery pattern. We craft the Bloomery interface block and pick up our bellows. The bloomery interface goes in the middle brick position on the first level with the hollow center. The bellows goes to the left or right of it.

Smelting - Bloomery video video video

From here we can now dump in our coal and ore. It is important when heating up a bloomery to put in more coal than ore. If you do not do this you can end up losing all of the materials in the bloomery!! Climb to the top of the bloomery and drop in four pieces of coal. You should see the central block fill up with a molteny material. After that place in your ore, keeping the amount of ore lower than the amount of coal. Go to the interface of the bloomery (right click the block) and observe the numbers. The Ore and Coal values show the amount of both To Be Processed, not what has been processed. When the ore number drops it has melted the ore and you are ready to collect your unshaped metal! For this we need ceramic molds. Once we have them, you simply place the mold in the interface and it will fill it with metal.

A Forge! video

Ahh a forge, good bye fireplace! Please see the wiki page for how to make one and/or watch the video to see me build one. The Forge has a higher temperature range than the firepit. It also allows us to heat multiple items at the same time which will be very important when we get into alloys. Additionally we can make anything, except unshaped metal from ore, from the fire pit in the forge, and we can make them 5 at a time. The V interface has an upper and lower set of slots. The Upper are the heat slots, the lower slots are the fuel slots. This is where coal or charcoal go (yay we have a use for coal!). Temperature gauge is on the left side while on the right we have a location for molds. When we heat up metals in the forge it is possible to lose them into the forge. If that were to happen and there is a ceramic mold in one of those slots, it will use the mold and save the metal, but if it was an ingot it is back to unshaped metal.