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World Generation

Unlike Vanilla Minecraft, which world generation depends on biomes, Terrafirmacraft has more variables that affect the terrain and its vegetation. The terrain is first generated by a biome, which creates the skeleton of the map, such as altitude, noise, hills and others. Similarly to the original game, everything that generates under sea level (Currently at y: 144) will become fresh water. Allowing the creation of lakes and ponds. The current biome list is: Mountains, High Hills, High Plains, Rolling Hills and Plains. Oceans and rivers will also be generated through the world. On mountain and high hills biomes, if a mountain reaches over the layer 215, it will generate with a stone layer of the area's surface rock. Hot springs will be scattered around the map regardless of the environment; even on water bodies. These will be a few blocks deep and surrounded with a wall of the bottom layer igneous rock. Tree generation is based on rain values, temperature and EVT.

Landscape and Biomes

Main Article: Biome

The generation of the landscape is completely random and is totally dependant of the world's seed and mod version. [tiny table of biome pictures should be added soon]