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stuff may or may not go here.

Stuff to do (for anyone)

As in, type in the name, the "File:" and all, and update it with a new sprite if you have one.
Note: If it says "Grid_" in the beginning of the file name, assume it's a 32x32 image. If it doesn't, assume it's a 150x150 version of the 32x32 image. Items in the texture pack

broken images

  1. Trees
    1. File:Wood_(Aspen).png
  2. Tools
    1. File:Grid_Blue_Steel_Saw.png
    2. File:Copper_Chisel.png
    3. File:Black_Bronze_Sword.png
  3. Rocks
    1. File:Rock_Salt.png

missing information

  1. Most, if not all, of the biome information in the tree pages