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Season 3 - August 29, 2014 to September 12, 2014

Format and rules

No pvp on day 1 (real-life, not in-game day 1, 1 day = 24 hours..) - including messing with another team’s stuff


  • The in-game scoreboard will be used to track deaths on the tab list
  • We will also use the scoreboard for teams (each team will have its own colored name ingame)


  • Do not break ANY beds!
    • Once a bed is placed, it is permanent.
    • This includes beds set by you and your team.
      • Only the leader is allowed to break your team’s beds
  • You may only place beds within your base.
    • You may not use beds located within another team’s base
    • Bases are considered places you will be improving or spending a lot of time staying in over the course of the event.
      • This does NOT include “scouting bases” (small areas for the purpose of having a place to set your spawn or log off/etc)


  • You can only attack/raid an enemy stronghold/base with the amount of players that team has online at that moment.
    • They may not necessarily all be in the base (although at least 1 would be to be able to identify whose base it is)
    • The individuals from your team who initiate attack are the only members to partake in the raid
      • This means no “tag-ins” (i.e. teammate A and B start the raid due to 2 members being online. Teammate C is online, but cannot participate even if a teammate dies)
      • Once another member from the opposing team logs in, more teammates are welcome to join the fight.

Do not use the Nether. Do not even make a portal.

Trading, team alliances, and even alliance breaking/betrayal is possible and encouraged during the event!

  • Should make videos a lot more entertaining, as well as playing the game!
  • You can even extend alliances to the final showdown...


The finale will be on Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 1800 EDT.

Field of battle

  • The area for the finale will consist of a 100-diameter “sphere” filled with cobble.
    • The underside of the sphere will be sealed in with bedrock so you cannot accidentally leave the battle area
  • There will be a glass dome over the top of the cobble portion of the sphere.
    • The dome will simply mark the “upper” area of the finale. It will not “seal in” the sphere (I.E. it has a gap, not fully enclosed).
    • The dome will start sufficiently above ground level as to not be usable by players as a shield.
      • It only exists to mark the upper area of the play area (but allow light through)
      • Players are not allowed to be outside the top of the glass dome - don’t stand on it
      • Glass is not to be broken, manipulated, or otherwise used (as a shield, platform, etc)
  • Buried within the cobble will be a bedrock platform with 3 sponges on it, covered by another bedrock ceiling
    • Sponges will be around 35 blocks down from the ground level, in the exact center of the sphere.
  • Around the sphere will be 4 monuments
    • The monuments will be the bases for each team
    • As such, you can use your monument area as you would your base (storage, setting spawn, etc.)
    • Each monument will be easily identifiable as to avoid which areas are “off limits” to other teams
  • The field of battle will be put into the world at least 1 day prior to the event. Once it is there, all teams will be notified (and be told where it is placed).
    • We hope to have the arena area placed before the 2 weeks even start (time permitting)
    • You may look but NOT touch the center. You may update your monument area only w/ items/beds/etc no earlier than 1 day prior.
    • Other players areas will be off limits


  • The purpose of the finale is to be the first team to grab one of the sponges and set the sponge on their monument
  • 2nd place will be the 2nd team, etc.
  • In the event that a sponge is inadvertently destroyed (via despawn or lava), play will continue.
      • Once a team has claimed first place, the team leader of that team will spawn in and replace the “lost” sponge
    • If, for some reason, we lose all 3 sponges before a first place team has been claimed, a “time out” will need to be called where we can replace them.


  • At no point during the finale will teams be allowed to “invade” another team’s monument/base area.
    • Shooting arrows in there is allowed, but you cannot go into the team’s area.
  • PvP anywhere else is allowed and obviously necessary.
  • Your team may ONLY have possession of 1 sponge at a time.
  • Once a person picks up the sponge, they are severely limited in what they can and cannot do.
    • Upon picking up the sponge, the player MUST move it to an inventory slot
    • The player must select that slot and have the sponge visible in their hands until they die or until they place it on the monument.
    • The player is not allowed to use any item in their inventory while they have the sponge.
      • Your teammates will have to help you!
      • If you defend yourself, you will be slapping enemies with a sponge
      • No digging, eating, placing items, etc. (even if you are buried alive under cobble…)
    • The player is not allowed to pass the sponge off to another player (i.e. throwing it out of your inventory)
    • The player is not allowed to drop the sponge on the ground
    • The player is not allowed to place the sponge anywhere but on their own monument.
    • Any movement the player makes will be limited
      • During the first 30 minutes of the finale, sponge carriers must be shifted at all times while moving
        • Only exceptions to this would be going DOWN ladders (as shifting on a ladder keeps you from moving down)
        • Going down blocks can be done while shift-hopping
      • After 30 minutes but prior to 1 hour into the finale, sponge carriers may walk normally (no shifting required), but are not allowed to sprint
      • After 1 hour into the finale, there are no limitations on how the sponge carrier is allowed to move.
  • You may only pick up the sponge from the central area, or from killing a player carrying a sponge
  • No “torching” cobble (causing it to become an entity by making it fall on a redstone torch or sign)
  • Once your team has claimed a sponge on their monument, you are done with competing in the finale (no helping out other teams)

Mods - What is and is not allowed


Better Movement is not allowed

Optifine is allowed

MapWriter customized by rayman86 is allowed - This version has all mapping functionality removed and on-screen waypoint functionality added

The following texture packs are approved (in addition to vanilla)

  • [x64] H3D Texture
  • blockheads-TFC






Toggle Sneak/Sprint


Any mods not on this list are not allowed


The Uncraftables
Player Channel
rayman86 http://www.youtube.com/raymanlps
Crysyn http://www.youtube.com/Crysyn1
Kittychanley http://www.youtube.com/Kittychanley
Arkas http://www.youtube.com/ArkasMc
yami_jerry http://www.youtube.com/xXyamijerryXx
TibTuner04 http://www.youtube.com/TibTuner04
Miheyu http://www.youtube.com/Miheyu
So No Sluices
Player Channel
pakratt0013 http://www.youtube.com/Pakratt13
GuitarFlat http://www.youtube.com/GuitarFlatLP
Vampess http://www.youtube.com/VampessCraft
DireDwarf http://www.youtube.com/DireDwarf
uisdead99 http://www.youtube.com/uisdead99
The Shiney Underdogs
Player Channel
honneyplays http://www.youtube.com/HonneyPlays
Darkphan http://www.youtube.com/DarkphanLP
bufferzz http://www.youtube.com/xbufferzz
Drakkett http://www.youtube.com/DrakkettAranthe
sofilthy http://www.youtube.com/CamiVicencio
fallaron http://www.youtube.com/Fallaron
The Brotherhood of Bear Punchers
Player Channel
etho http://www.youtube.com/EthosLab
altblu http://www.youtube.com/AltBlu
Dunkleosteus (nikstick22) http://www.youtube.com/nikstick22
nihontiger http://www.youtube.com/nihontiger
Demonslayer98 http://www.youtube.com/Demonslayer98EA


The Shiney Underdogs



Intro By: Demonslayer98

Intro Music: http://idioscopic.bandcamp.com/album/rumble-ep

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