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Bunsan's Suggestions

Trying to Get This page up so We can Get the Getting Started outdated page off the main page.....

Putting my feedback here for you.

First can water be drunk from glass bottles? I tried and could not fill it with freshwater.

I would suggest some info on torches earlier in the guide. I'm sure it will be covered in the firepit section, but it probably is important enough to justify its own section in your first tools.

I’d also suggest that a section on the world in preamble part. Sort of a you spawn well away from 0,0 in TFC as 0,0 is equator. That the average yearly temperature decreases as you move north or south from z=0 until you hit +/-30000 which is like the artic/antarctic circle. A bit about the rainfall in general terms in that average temperature rainfall, evt (maybe) effect what can spawn in an area. In the food section you'll want some info on food preservation. Just basics like vessels, cooking and altitude and how they effect decay. I assume brine/drying/smoking isn't possible without a saw to make a bucket.

A forge is technically possible in the stone age, not sure it is worth bringing up in this guide though, but you do mention glass bottles which require a forge for the glass.