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Perhaps adding a topic that indicates farming of thees trees. each tree need at least 4 blocks in between in order to bare the most fruit.

i will include images but i am unsure on how to actually include them

--Lord lammington (talk) 10:01, 15 July 2017 (CDT)

Edit: i fixed the links , it seemed that they were broken!


Fruit trees are a great source of food as they, exist forever, can be cultivated to yield more saplings, do not require nutrients and provide the player with a source of fruit other than Bushes When cultivating fruit trees the player must note that , inorder to bare the most fruit, trees must be planted at least 4 blocks away from each other in a grid like pattern


this allows , when the trees grow to maximum size that their leaves do not overlap, thus loosing possible places for fruit to grow

For an effective orchard a player should arrange trees so that trees with similar fruiting seasons are bundled together. to make harvesting easier. To learn more refer to the fruiting calendar above


An instance of a fruit tree farm. ranging from right to left Red Apple , Banana , Plum , Orange , Green Apple , Lemon.