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Spotter's Guide: S1E6 - Deeper than we have been before!

I do a quick overview of where we are going to be doing our metal working in the future then dive back into our granite mine!

A Dirty Forge video

So at the top of this hill is where I am going to be building my forge, bloomeries and the tools used to work with metals. First up is a fairly modest forge that is protected from the rain. Again this is just a place holder made from dirt and grass to make sure it would fit in the right locations but it goes over the general layout of a forge.

Bloomers video

I also have placeholders for the bloomeries but they are less than complete so look for them in a later video. What I do cover however is what they are for. A bloomery is a large structure for the melting of metals at higher temperature points. This will become more useful to us once we get to the higher temperature ores and just larger quantities of ore.

Different Stone Tools video

So! Not all of the stone tools are created equally. In this segment I explain that igneous rocks are harder than most other rock types. I use them almost exclusively from here on out as they have a better durability to them than ones made from other types of rock. I am using Basalt specifically which is an extrusive version of igneous rock. If you can find an intrusive version, they are even better!

Prospector Pick 101 video video

We cover how to craft the infamous Prospector's Pick and then use it as a basic scanning tool to find an area we may want to pay more attention to. I do not go in depth on how to zero in on an ore with it quite yet for reasons I point out in the video (the right type of ore simply isn't going to be in those tunnels). The prospector pick is tapped against a single block. It will then gather information extending in the X and Z plains for 12 blocks off each side of that block, and then 6 blocks in the y axis above and below it. It randomly selects what it will respond about and if it is an ore it will count up how many pieces it can find near it and give you a rough estimate. Working the math out this scans over 8000 blocks surrounding the block that was tapped. It is not a divining rod, and this is by design not by fluke. These dimensions will come into play more in the next episode.

Ore Groupings video

I revisit an area where we located ores on our first time down but I feel that it is important to point how entwined ores can be. This is three separate ore veins all wrapped in and around each other. Since I can not use ores at this point in time I leave them be but keep this in mind when you find ore deposits. It is quite possible that another ore is contained within the one you have found. Listen to your pick!

Resource (ore) Management video

When you find ores, you will find quite a bit of it. The ores I have found to date are of no use to me as they currently stand because either they have no implemented use like the Jet and Gypsum or a use out of my reach like the Limonite. This is where you need to break, for now, the hording habit of vanilla minecraft. You can only stack ores in piles of 8. It will take half a dozen chests or so to hold all of that ore and it will remain in the way until it is ready to be used. Best to just leave it be.

The view down here video

Just a moment of some nice generation of the environment :)