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Spotter's Guide: S1E4 - To The Woods!

This is a technically light video. I do show off a design change of the charcoal pit from Episode 2 and then I am off hunting through trees!

Floating Dirt video

A neat trick that may be fixed in the future. Torches will hold dirt up if placed upon it and this is just a quick demo of that.

Hickory video

This is the hardest and hottest wood you can find in the game. This is a key find for us as it, combined with a bellows and our elevation will allow us to smelt up to copper bearing ores. This is a bit down the road still but it is key to generally try and find this piece of wood. Also of note in this part is that swords Will trim trees faster than your hands but it degrades the item pretty quickly. I will leave it up to you as to which one is more important, your sword or your time.

Battle video

We currently have no armor recipes in the game. You should take note that this makes the game fairly difficult in that everything does some nasty damage to you and right now your only defense is a good offense... Except.. a rare drop! Zombies have a chance to drop iron items, either an ingot, a weapon, a tool or a piece of armor. I happen to get an Iron Helmet in a fairly hectic battle, but the wolf will still not accept me as it's master. Please keep in mind that swords degrade Fast if you are out at night!