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Spotter's Guide: S1E2 - Charcoal!

So in this episode we mostly focused on making charcoal but there are a few more subtle things that I touch on as well.

Stone Axe video

This is just a quick clip of the higher efficiency rate with in making planks with stone tools over the flint tools.

Falling Dirt (And Stone!) video

Another pretty quick topic is another subtle change to the environment. In this case its how dirt will no longer stay suspended in the air and will instead fall to the ground. The same holds true for the default form of stone you get when mining, cobblestone of various types.

Cave-Ins video

Cave-ins are a new mechanic from TFCraft that makes mining a bit trickier. Basically what happens is exactly what it sounds like. As you are mining there will be a chance that the world will come tumbling down around you. This is a topic we will cover more in the future (and Ill link to where that is when its done) as we get more towards mining, but I wanted to make people aware of this danger as it can happen!

The Charcoal Pit video video

I do a layout in dirt of the pit you will need to make charcoal. Basically this is a set of logs laid out around a firepit and then encased. In this case I use dirt as its more readily available. The rules for the placement of the logs is within a two block radial around the firepit for the first level and then in a 3x3 layout one layer above the pit. For the basic construction you will place all but a few of the log piles around the fire pit. Then you will fill the firepit with fuel logs and light it to start the process. The next part you need to do pretty fast in finishing off the log piles (generally 2) and then encasing the whole thing within dirt. My video actually shows making the dirt shell first, which is what I recommend, then filling the pit and starting it going. The second video clip deals with filling up the charcoal pit!

Clay Overview video

Clay has a very useful purpose in TFCraft in the form of making molds. It is not a rare resource persay but when you do find it, you will find quite a bit of it. Just a quick clip of what to look for a note that it will become more important as we move into metallurgy!.