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Spotter's Guide: S1E1

So, you have decided to give TFCraft a try and have likely poked around and found it to be a bit more challenging than normal minecraft. This is the place for you as I will take you through your first day/night and onwards. This will be done in a combination of video as well as text. It is my hope that the video will show it actually being done and a bit easier to follow along. The text can then be used for past reference. How did I play single log log piles next to each other to build a cabin? Now you wont have to rewatch the video, the techniques will be summarized in text. So, with out further ado, Geronimo!

Episode 1 - Introduction and your First Night

Introduction video

So, this is the introduction and pretty much gives just that. The topics brought up in the video are detailed below.

Changes To Trees video

There are two major changes to trees. First is that you can not knock them down with your hands. This makes sense as your hands would be a bloody mess if you tried to force them through a 3ft diameter growing living tree. The second major change is that you get your sticks from the leaves making harvesting the leaves more important to keep your stick supply available. Another thing to note is that you can now move through branches. You will often see me still avoid them out of habit, but you do not have too! And last, and something of note. If you chop down the tree all the branches go away instantly. There is no delayed decay. If there is no wood within range, the leaves go away with out dropping anything.

Your First Tool video

Your first tool, which is unavoidable to make, is a flint tool. This is a generic tool that can be used for just about anything you want. It decays at a pretty fast rate, especially if it is used as a weapon. You will only get a few swings before it will break so it is not worth it. However it will chop down a tree and break some rock into a cobblestone version of that rock. When combined with a log in the crafting window, this is also your way to shape logs into a plank. Doing this will take the rest of the durability of your tool however. I suggest that you chop down a few trees, get a few pieces of stone with the tool first. Once its about to break set it aside to be used to make a plank.

Welcome to the Stone Age! video

Now that you can craft wooden planks and collect cobblestone, you can craft the stone tools you are used to. Be sure to get at least a pick axe and a normal axe. This will allow you to gather more cobblestone and lumber. Please be aware that as of this writing you can create stone swords but they are known to be going away as they simply do not make sense. A new weapon will be replacing the stone sword when it is ready.

Foooood.. oh and Fire! video

I move into the swamp and set up a little base in preparation for the next few days. After laying down a chest a work station and a bed, we focus on food. You can craft a campfire by dropping three sticks, and optionally some paper, onto the ground. You can then craft a firestarter by using two sticks in a diagonal pattern in a crafting interface. Right click on the patch of ground until the camp fire appears. Note, when bad luck really strikes, this can take more than one firestarter to accomplish.
Now you can open up the campfire interface by right clicking on it. On the left hand side you will see four empty slots and a thermostat. In the center you will see three slots, one on top and two on bottom. And on the right you will see a 2x2 grid. Starting on the left is the fuel slot. You place logs on the top slot and it will queue them up to burn. Usually the first one you place will be consumed almost instantly. The thermostat does just what you would expect it to, shows you the temperature of the fire. The central slots are what we are interested in now however. The top slot is the 'cooking' slot. Items placed there will be heated by the fire, if they can be heated. Over time, if the fire is hot enough, it will cook the item placing the resultant item(s) in the lower slots. In the case of food, this will be a cooked pork chop or the like. In the case of sticks, these will be made into torches, and pretty fast. Its usually a good idea to make a few torches with some sticks after you have used the fire to cook another item. They require very little heat to produce.