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* [[Forge]]
* [[Forge]]
* [[Firepit]]
* [[Firepit]]
* [[Marking]]
* [[Seasons]]
* [[Seasons]]
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**Redirect to [[Leaf]]
**Redirect to [[Leaf]]
*[[Tool Rack]]
*[[Tool Rack]] (needs block render)
*[[Support Beams]]
*[[Support Beams]]
**Move to [[Support Beam]]
**Move to [[Support Beam]]

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Style Guide

Randomly used templates that I often forget the name of:

{{wip}}{{About}}{{Back}}{{Delete}}{{Cleanup}}{{Disclaimer}}{{Expand section}}{{FakeImage}}{{Fraction}}{{Future}}{{GridImage}}{{Merge}}{{Orphan}}{{Outdated}}{{Reflist}}{{Removedstillingame}}{{Useless}}{{^}}{{v}}

{{:TerraFirmaCraft:Wiki Edits/VersionUpdate/disclaimer}}

This page is for testing edits to the wiki for the next version update before release.
As there is no way to make sure the information on this page remains hidden, and because it is based off of the constantly changing, latest development code, information is not guaranteed to be correct, and should not be used for reference.

Pages in need of stylistic updates:


Build 78

  • Armor Stands
  • Debug Commands
    • /removearea xyz
    • /vgsp
    • /removechunk
    • /stripchunk
    • /time set
  • Quiver
    • Leatherworking
    • Arrows & Javelins
  • Torches
    • Placeable on stone walls
    • Replaced if something falls on it

World Generation

  • Leaves no longer shearable
  • Water Plants
  • Ropes
  • Southern Reversed Seasons - Climate and Coordinates
  • Face only on Jack-o-lanterns - Pumpkin
  • Seismic Activity
    • Lava
      • Cools into Basalt or Rhyolite
    • Hot Springs
    • Fissures
  • Cave-Ins
    • Support Beams
  • Caves/Ravines
  • Subterranean Rivers
  • Bedrock matches terrain shape


General To Do

Interwiki Links

I've added the prefix mcwiki for redirecting/linking directly to the vanilla Minecraft Wiki. I'm currently working on fixing all of the pages that have no tfc info so that they redirect to their respective page. For example, the Paper page now redirects to the paper page of the MCWiki. Use the code as follows: [[mcwiki:pagename]]




Planning for Future Builds

  • Body Temperature
    • Increase heat by heat source, running or breaking blocks
    • Hunger decreases faster when cold
    • Decrease heat by thirst over 500 or standing in water
    • Leather Armor increases warm up rate
  • Brass Special Item