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This section discusses saplings from loggable trees. [[Fruit Trees]] are non-loggable.
{{About|saplings from loggable trees|saplings from fruit trees|Fruit Trees}}
== Obtaining ==
== Obtaining ==

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Saplings have a chance of dropping when breaking their respective Tree's leaves, and regenerate naturally in areas where the trees were present upon world generation when the temperature is above 20 degrees, and the grass block has line of sight directly up to the sky. Note: Sequoia saplings do not drop from leaves, but still regenerate in natural Sequoia Forests. Acacia and Kapok saplings are only available by cheating them in.

Using a scythe makes sapling gathering more efficient by destroying a 3x3x3 area of leaf blocks at once, centered at the broken block. Using the Scythe decreases the drop rate of saplings from 6% to 4%.


Saplings can grow on any dirt or grass block into a tree after they have been planted for a certain amount of in-game days depending on the type, and have at least a light level of 9. No matter the size of the trunk, only one sapling is required for the tree to grow.

Tree Growth Speed
Grid Sapling (Acacia).png Acacia N/A
Grid Sapling (Ash).png Ash 7 to 8 Days
Grid Sapling (Aspen).png Aspen 8 to 9 Days
Grid Sapling (Birch).png Birch 7 to 8 Days
Grid Sapling (Chestnut).png Chestnut 7 to 8 Days
Grid Sapling (Douglas Fir).png Douglas Fir 7 to 8 Days
Grid Sapling (Hickory).png Hickory 10 to 11 Days
Grid Sapling (Kapok).png Kapok N/A
Grid Sapling (Maple).png Maple 7 to 8 Days
Grid Sapling (Oak).png Oak 10 to 11 Days
Grid Sapling (Pine).png Pine 7 to 8 Days
Grid Sapling (Sequoia).png Sequoia 11 to 12 Days
Grid Sapling (Spruce).png Spruce 7 to 8 Days
Grid Sapling (Sycamore).png Sycamore 8 to 9 Days
Grid Sapling (White Cedar).png White Cedar 7 to 8 Days
Grid Sapling (White Elm).png White Elm 10 to 11 Days
Grid Sapling (Willow).png Willow 11 to 12 Days


Saplings can be placed in tight clusters instead of spaced out for wider trees such as Willow for farming. Once the first tree is chopped down, a second should quickly sprout. For narrower trees such as White Cedar and Douglas Fir, it is suggested to space the saplings at least 1 block apart for maximum leaf generation to harvest more saplings.

Willow Spacing vs Douglas Fir Spacing


v1eSapling drop rate changed from 1% to 4%.
v2 Build 25Sapling drop chance (hand) is now 6% from 4%.
Sapling drop chance (scythe) is now 4% from 3%.
Build 65Saplings track when they were planted and they grow at varying speeds based upon the tree.
Trees take a minimum of 7 in game days to grow from a sapling.
Saplings for trees may rarely sprout from nothing in the wild if the conditions for growth are met.
77.0Grass and sapling growth will only occur if the temp is greater than 20C.
Random sapling growth requires a clear line of sight to the sky.
77.11Snow no longer replaces saplings.

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