Rose Gold

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Rose Gold
Unshaped Rose Gold.png
Unshaped Rose GoldRose Gold IngotRose Gold Double IngotRose Gold SheetRose Gold Double Sheet







Grid Anvil (Rose Gold).png



Tool Casting


Tool Forging





Metal Unshaped Copper


Unshaped Gold


Percentage 15-30% 70-85%

Rose Gold is a Tier 2 alloy obtained by mixing Copper and Gold in a Ceramic Vessel or Crucible.


Liquid rose gold can be poured into a Ceramic Mold to make unshaped rose gold. Once the unshaped rose gold is no longer liquid temperature, it can be placed in the crafting grid to create a rose gold ingot. The empty mold will be returned to the inventory; although there is a chance of it breaking and being lost.

Creating an ingot will only work if the metal is in a solid state. The temperature will be carried over from the unshaped ingot temperature.

Unshaped Rose Gold Rose Gold Ingot
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Smithing Materials

Input Work Type Output
Grid Rose Gold Ingot.png Two Ingots Weld Grid Rose Gold Double Ingot.png Double Ingot
Grid Rose Gold Double Ingot.png Double Ingot Hammer Grid Rose Gold Sheet.png Sheet
Grid Rose Gold Sheet.png Two Sheets Weld Grid Rose Gold Double Sheet.png Double Sheet

Rose Gold Ingots are worked on an Anvil to make:

Grid Rose Gold Oil Lamp.png Oil Lamp


Rose Gold is not used in the creation of tools, weapons, or armor.



An Anvil can be crafted using seven Rose Gold Double Ingots.

Rose Gold Double Ingot Rose Gold Double Ingot Rose Gold Double Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Anvil (Rose Gold)
Rose Gold Double Ingot
Rose Gold Double Ingot Rose Gold Double Ingot Rose Gold Double Ingot


Rose Gold is used in the mixing of:

Grid Red Steel Ingot.png Red Steel


Legend: Unworkable Workable Weldable Liquid

Note: Metals are still Workable at Weldable temp.

Metal Hot Very Hot Faint Red Dark Red Bright Red Orange Yellow Yellow White White Brilliant White
. : :. :: . : :. :: . : :. :: . : :. :: . : :. :: . : :. :: . : :. :: . : :. :: . : :. ::
Grid Rose Gold Ingot.png Rose Gold


v2 Build 3Added rose gold anvils.
Build 72Added anvil recipes for rose gold sheets and double sheets.
77.0Removed all rose gold tools and armor.
79.16Added rose gold oil lamps.
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