Prospector's Pick

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Prospector's Pick
Copper ProPick.png
Copper Prospector's PickBismuth Bronze Prospector's PickBlack Bronze Prospector's PickBronze Prospector's PickWrought Iron Prospector's PickSteel Prospector's PickBlack Steel Prospector's PickBlue Steel Prospector's PickRed Steel Prospector's Pick







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Metal Prospector's Pick

Metal Prospector's Picks can only be made from tool metals. They can be cast in ceramic molds, or worked on a metal anvil.


Main article: Casting

Bismuth Bronze, Black Bronze, Bronze, and Copper Prospector's Picks can be cast using a Vessel or a Ceramic Mold instead of working on an anvil.

Ceramic Mold
Making the Clay Tool Mold Firing the Mold
CFL CFL CFL CFL CFL title= Clay Mold ProPick
Pit Kiln Pit Kiln Ceramic Mold ProPick
Pit Kiln
Clay Mold ProPick

Place an empty or partially filled Prospector's Pick mold into the slot to fill it with metal from the vessel. It takes 100 units of metal to completely fill an empty Ceramic Mold. The text in the vessel's GUI will be updated to show the amount of metal remaining in the vessel.

100 Units
Ceramic Mold ProPick

Unshaped Ingot

To fill the Prospector's Pick mold from a ceramic ingot mold, right click the liquid unshaped ingot to open the casting interface:

Unshaped Copper Grid layout Arrow (small).png Ceramic Mold ProPick

Put the ceramic Prospector's Pick mold in the second input slot and wait for the filled mold to finished.

Removing the Head from the Mold Finishing the Prospector's Pick
ProPick Head (Copper)
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Ceramic Mold ProPick (Copper)
ProPick Head (Copper) Copper Prospector's Pick
Grid layout Arrow (small).png


Main article: Working

Prospector's Pick Heads can also be crafted by using ingots on an anvil with a hammer. This is the only option for higher tier metals that cannot be cast. The durability depends both on the metal used and the skill of the smith forging the tool.

Smithing the Prospector's Pick Head
Working Rules
Grid Anvil Punch.png Grid Anvil Draw.png Grid Anvil Bend.png
Punch, Last Draw, Not Last Bend, Not Last
Grid Anvil Rules Blank.png
Steel Ingot
ProPick Head (Steel)
Grid Anvil Weld.png Grid Anvil Red Rules.png Grid Anvil Green Rules.png
Stone Hammer Grid layout None i (verylong).png
Finishing the Prospector's Pick
ProPick Head (Steel) Steel Prospector's Pick
Grid layout Arrow (small).png


Prospector's Picks are be used to find and identify Ores & Minerals. To use a prospector's pick, right click on any block to get a reading. Depending on how many ore blocks are within the scanned area, the propick will return readings including: Found nothing of interest. Found traces of, Found a small sample of, Found a medium sample of, Found a large sample of, and Found a very large sample of. If the prospector's pick is used directly on an ore block, it will give a reading of Found.

  • The prospector's pick scans for ore in a 25x25x25 area centered on the targeted block.
  • The prospector's pick estimates the concentration of ore in an area.
  • The prospector's pick is not fully accurate, and will return false negatives frequently.



Main article: Achievements
Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Grid Axe Head (Copper).png
Chalcolithic! Cast something in metal to enter the Copper Age No stone unturned Fill a tool mold in a ceramic vessel filled with liquid metal.


v2 Build 17Prospecting the same block again no longer provides a "You've already Prospected Here" message and instead continues to provide the same reading.
v2 Build 38Using a propick directly on an ore block will tell you exactly what type of ore that you're looking at.
v2 Build 45Propick vertical scan radius doubled to 25x25x25 blocks from 25x25x13.
v2 Build 47Removed Stone Propick recipe.


  • The prospector's pick is best used to determine where ore isn't, which can be used to triangulate the location of ore. Using the prospector's pick is a logic puzzle based on elimination of possibilities.
  • Digging where the prospector's pick returns the strongest reading is an exercise in frustration.
  • The prospector's pick has a shorter scanning range than the requirement for small ore pieces to spawn. If using the prospector's pick on the surface in an area where small ore pieces are found, and only negative readings are given, it means that the vein is deeper underground.
  • It is typically a good idea to check multiple blocks when searching for ore in order to prevent false negatives from ruining your day.
  • Some situations (scattered veins or different types of veins in the same area) make using the prospector's pick more difficult. You will need to find a method that works for you.
  • If the language is set to Canadian English and the player gets a negative reading, they will get a chat message stating, Sorry, found nothing of interest. This is a joke on stereotypical Canadian politeness and constant apologizing.

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