Fruit Trees

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Fruit Trees
Red Apple (Sapling)Banana (Sapling)Orange (Sapling)Green Apple (Sapling)Lemon (Sapling)Olive (Sapling)Cherry (Sapling)Peach (Sapling)Plum (Sapling)



Grid Steel Axe.pngGrid Steel Saw.png


Yes, 64












Fruit trees are found growing naturally in the wild in areas with an average biome temperature between 10 and 25, and a rainfall value of at least 500. In order to get a sapling, the cross-shaped branches of fruit trees must be broken with an Axe or a Saw. There is roughly a 50% chance that a sapling will drop.


Banana Cherry Grn Apple Lemon Olive Orange Peach Plum Red Apple
Leaf Banana (Leaf).png Cherry (Leaf).png 5Tree (Leaf).png Lemon (Leaf).png 2Tree (Leaf).png 5Tree (Leaf).png 2Tree (Leaf).png 5Tree (Leaf).png 5Tree (Leaf).png Fruit Tree (Trunk).png Fruit Tree Bark
(All Except Banana)
Flower Banana (Leaf).png Cherry (Flower).png Green Apple (Flower).png Lemon (Flower).png Olive (Flower).png Orange (Flower).png Peach (Flower).png Plum (Flower).png Green Apple (Flower).png Banana (Trunk).png Banana Tree Bark
Fruit Banana (Fruit).png Cherry (Fruit).png Green Apple (Fruit).png Lemon (Fruit).png Olive (Fruit).png Orange (Fruit).png Peach (Fruit).png Plum (Fruit).png Red Apple (Fruit).png Fruit Tree (Branch).png Dead Branches

Note: In colder/drier climates during the fall, leaves turn brownish-orange for all trees.


Fruit tree saplings do not grow instantly. Instead, fruit trees grow slowly, getting taller over time, growing (or regrowing) leaves and branches. This means that the branches can be harvested for saplings, and that they will eventually grow back. Unfortunately, this also means that it can take a very long time to grow trees as large as those encountered in the wild. The trunk will grow to full height after 30 days, a single branch will grow every 20 days, and a single leaf block will grow every 2 days.

Fruit trees will produce a single piece of fruit per leaf block during its harvest season. To harvest the fruit, Rmb.png Right Click or Lmb.png Left Click the leaves and the fruit will drop. All fruit trees drop pieces of fruit ranging from 4 to 16 oz in weight.

Harvest Schedule

Fruit Tree Late Winter Early Spring Spring Late Spring Early Summer Summer Late Summer Early Fall Fall Late Fall
Grid Banana.png Banana Bloom Harvest
Grid Cherry.png Cherry Bloom Harvest
Grid Green Apple.png Green Apple Bloom Harvest
Grid Lemon.png Lemon Bloom Harvest
Grid Olive.png Olive Bloom Harvest
Grid Orange.png Orange Bloom Harvest
Grid Peach.png Peach Bloom Harvest
Grid Plum.png Plum Bloom Harvest
Grid Red Apple.png Red Apple Bloom Harvest


v2 Build 22Added First Fruit Tree: Apple.
v2 Build 32Added Banana, Green Apple, Orange, Lemon, Olive, Cherry, Peach, & Plum Trees.
v2 Build 46dFruit trees are more rare in the world.
Build 73Fruit is harvested by right-clicking the leaf block instead of breaking it.
79.15Naturally generated fruit trees have the same number of leaves as player grown fruit trees.
Tweaked hitbox of fruit tree branches to make it easier to harvest saplings and fruit.
Fruit can be harvested from leaves using left or right click.
Nerfed amount of fruit each leaf blocks drops to 4 - 16 ounces.


  • Fruit trees only produce fruit when the current temperature is between 0 and 38. For the majority of cases, the seasonal requirements (Spring to Late Fall) already fall into this temperature range, with the exception being extreme areas such as deserts, very few jungles near the equator, and the deep tundra.


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