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The calendar interface is accessed from the player's inventory with the tab that has an hourglass symbol.

  1. Season - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
  2. Day - The day of the week, or name of a holiday.
  3. Date - The current in-game date.
  4. Hour - The current in-game hour.


Each season spans over three months, with "Early" being the first month and "Late" being the last month. Seasons are reversed south of the equator with the middle of winter in July and the middle of summer in January.

Season determines the current ambient temperature of an area, with temperatures being colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. During the colder seasons tree leaves can change color, and fruit trees will not grow new branches or leaf blocks. Berry Bushes and fruit trees only provide fruit during specific seasons depending on the type.


In addition to the seven days of the week, the calendar will display the birthdays of the developers. Kitty's birthday will only appear if the config has been changed with a custom year length.

  • June 18 - Kitty's Birthday
  • July 7 - Bioxx's Birthday
  • October 2 - Dunk's Birthday


Newly generated worlds always start in the year 1000, on the first of June. By default, each month consists of 8 days for a total year length of 96 days.


The calendar uses military time to display the current in-game hour, with "The Witching Hour" being displayed for the final hour of the day. The vanilla day-night cycle is still the same, with sunrise displaying as hour six on the calendar.

Fog will appear first thing in the morning and dissipate around noon.


Main article: Configuration
Option Default
time Options related to time.
yearLength 96
This is how many days are in a year. Keep this to multiples of 12. [range: 96 ~ 12000]


v2 Release 21Added the calendar.
v2 Release 26Added buttons to the calendar when debug mode is enabled.
0.78.0Removed the keybinding to open the calendar interface and replaced it with a tab in the player's inventory.

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